An exclusive video obtained by Loomer Unleashed shows MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough being called out in New York City for his attacks against President Trump. Scarborough was uninterested in responding to criticism and faked a phone call during the exchange. Scarborough has routinely criticized President Trump and MAGA, but when it comes time to answer for his statements, Scarborough chose to run and hide, a technique most powerful Democrats embrace when they are asked about their “Get Trump” scams.

Loomer captioned the video, “Joe Scarborough gets CALLED OUT in NYC for attacking President Trump.  This is how Morning Joe @Morning_Joe was greeted in New York City on the day of President Trump’s incredible speech in the #Bronx. Joe Scarborough @JoeNBC looks like such a dweeb hereFunny how he and his wife @morningmika (who was “bleeding badly from a face lift”, according to President Trump, at Mar a Lago a few years ago before she contracted TDS), talk so much shit about Donald Trump on MSDNC, but they run away when confronted to their faces on camera.”

In response to Scarborough faking a phone call to get out of answering questions, Loomer wrote, “Another black screen. Another fake phone call. Oldest trick in the book.”

Scarborough has said some awful things about President Trump and MAGA in the past like, DONALD TRUMP and his allies and supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy.”

Scarborough once referred to President Trump and his supporters as terrorists, “If you’re a terrorist, the head of a drug cartel, or an enemy of America, you relish the constant attacks launched by GOP extremists against the ⁦@FBI . The men and women of the FBI save lives and make America safer every day. We owe them our thanks.”

The MSNBC anchor has also spread falsehoods about J6 by falsely claiming Trump supporters murdered law enforcement, “4 cops are dead because of Trump’s riots. Ask their widows and children if Trump was a law and order president.”

If attacking President Trump and his supporters is “just” like Democrats claim it is, then why are Dems so afraid to answer questions about their attacks? The answer to these questions is clear: The Left’s attacks against President Trump and his supporters are not just. That is why people like Joe Scarborough run and hide when they are asked about their “Trump Lies.”

Charles Downs