President Trump proved Thursday that MAGA’s tent is rapidly expanding as local authorities estimate that over 31k people attended President Trump’s rally in the Bronx. Trump gave a passionate speech about the power of hard work and coming together to ensure November’s vote is “too big to rig.” Trump also spoke on the Democrat’s failures in New York, including allowing illegal immigrants to attack New York City Police Officers. In April, Laura Loomer took an exclusive video of an illegal immigrant attacking her and NYPD officers. The momentum is clearly on President Trump’s side as he continues to hold massive rallies while Biden hides in the White House.

Video from Thursday shows thousands of people lining up for hours to get into President Trump’s rally at the Bronk’s Crotona Park. Trump’s large crowd roared when he took the stage around 6:00 pm EST.

During his speech, Trump walloped Biden on his failures with immigration, highlighting instances where illegal immigrants were being so lawless that they attacked NYPD officers. Trump also spoke about the significant policy differences between Biden and him. Trump forced Mexico to enforce “Remain in Mexico“, a policy that used the Mexican military to ensure illegal immigrants did not cross from Mexico into America. Biden has been unsuccessful in enforcing this policy, which is contributing to the lawlessness on America’s Southern Border.

We have been leading the charge exposing the illegal immigrants’ lawless activities in New York City. Loomer’s video of illegal immigrants attacking NYPD has over 7 million views, “I called @NYPDnews after the illegals attacked us, and the illegal tried resisting arrest once the officers arrived. The illegal alien then attacked the arresting police officers and tried to run away, but he was thrown to the ground by the police after he tried running away. While he was being arrested, the other illegals swarmed us while shouting at us because they didn’t want us recordingHere’s some of the video. We have the assault and attempted theft of the phones on camera tooI’ll post those soon. I honestly felt like they were going to jump us. The videos are insane.”

During his Bronx speech, Trump also spoke of the power of hard work, saying, “The harder you work, the luckier you get… I believe in that! If you’re going to spend your life working really hard, you need to spend your time doing something you love!” 

Trump’s greatest moment came at the very end  of his speech when he called on Americans to come together to ensure November’s vote was “too big to rig.” After Trump made these remarks, his crowd erupted into cheers, showing how unified MAGA is becoming.

President Trump scored another massive win Thursday. Trump’s Bronk speech struck the perfect tone of attacking Biden while at the same time being positive about America’s future. Trump also showed America that polling showing MAGA making significant gains within black and hispanic communities is correct. Expect Trump’s successful Bronx rally to make the Left even more deranged with their “Get Trump” scams.

Charles Downs