Wednesday, New York Democrat Dan Goldman continued the ongoing pattern that those involved in the Left’s “Get Trump” scams always run or lie when confronted about facts in their witch hunts. Goldman shamelessly pulled off running and lying as he faked a phone call when Loomer Unleashed asked him about his campaign’s payments to Authentic Campaigns and “consultation” with Michael Cohen before he testified in President Trump’s New York City trial. We were not fooled during our interaction with Goldman, as we immediately pointed out to Goldman that he was really not on the phone. Goldman is the latest of countless Democrats on Capitol Hill who refuse to answer for the Left’s election interference.

Rep. Goldman started faking a phone call as he approached Loomer Unleashed, with Goldman’s staffer repeating the lie, “I am sorry, he is on the phone.”

Loomer Unleashed responded, ” Oh come on, he advised Michael Cohen in a trial, and he is with Authentic Campaigns. These are important questions. I do not really think he is on the phone, I think he is trying to avoid a question about being Loren Merchan’s client and he advised Michael Cohen and that is very bad for him.”

Loomer captioned the video, “As you can see, anti-Trump Democrat Rep. Goldman pretended to be on the phone to avoid answering questions by Loomer Unleashed contributor @TheCharlesDowns about his relationship with Michael Cohen, Judge Merchan, and Loren Merchan. Goldman’s phone screen is black. If he was on the phone, it would be lit up. But, he clearly used his phone as a prop and as a way to avoid accountability and to dodge Loomer Unleashed after we exposed him in a very viral manner last week. Millions of people saw my report exposing Goldman, and it was even shared by his Congressional colleague @EliseStefanik, who just filed an official ETHICS COMPLAINT against Judge Merchan. Congressman Goldman, you can’t hide from us. We are going to keep showing up and confronting you on video until you answer our questions. You work for us, buddy. Not the other way around!”

FEC records show that Rep.Goldman has sent over $162,091.92, with the last payment being made on March 26, 2024, right before Trump’s trial began on April 15, 2024. Goldman sent these payments to Judge Merchan’s daughter’s home in Richmond, Virginia, valued at $639,000. Goldman attempted to cover up that he made the payments to Loren Merchan’s personal home by spelling Authentic Campaign on the checks instead of Authentic Campaigns. 


Last Tuesday, Rep. Goldman went on MSNBC and said he met with Michael Cohen a “number of times to prepare him” to testify in President Trump’s trial. 

If Judge Merchan is not conflicted as the Left claims, then why are top Congressional Democrats so scared to answer questions on the subject? Another critical question that should be asked is, if “getting Trump” is “just” like Democrats claim it is, then why are Dems on the Hill so afraid to answer questions about Trump’s case? The answer to these questions is clear: Judge Merchan is conflicted, and the Left’s “get Trump” scams are not “just.” This is why Congressional Democrats run and lie when asked about President Trump’s trials. 

Charles Downs