A significant catastrophe was avoided over the weekend at the Georgia State GOP Convention. Dominion lobbyist John Garst was set to become a Trump Georgia Delegate to the RNC National Convention that takes place in August. Fortunately, Garst dropped out of consideration for the position during this past weekend’s Georgia State GOP Convention as he became aware that his lobbying profession with Dominion would be exposed. Before the Georgia State GOP Convention, Loomer Unleashed led the charge in exposing those running for leadership positions within the Georgia GOP who had been disloyal to President Trump. The MAGA movement won a massive victory during this past weekend’s state convention as election integrity activist Amy Kremer won her race to become Georgia’s RNC Committeewoman. Loomer Unleashed will continue our efforts to expose corruption in crucial swing states.

Records from the state of Georgia show that John Garst lobbied for Dominion just before the 2020 election. Records also show that the payments Garst received from Dominion for his lobbying efforts exceed $10,000.



Before this past weekend’s Georgia State GOP Convention, John Garst was listed on Trump’s campaign website as a selected delegate to the RNC Convention in August. Luckily, Garst removed himself from consideration during this past weekend’s Georgia State GOP Convention once he learned that his lobbying efforts with Dominion would be exposed.


Laura Loomer posted on the latest developments in Georgia, “Who is doing delegate vetting for President Trump? I am hearing HORROR stories about delegate selection from Trump supporters all across the country, and I’m going to be exposing more of these poor delegate selection decisions this week. Whoever is in charge of vetting needs to either be reprimanded, or they need reinforcements if they just don’t know how to do their job, because they are seriously dropping the ball for President Trump.” Loomer continued, “President Trump desperately needs better vetters and opposition researchers on his campaign in these next 6 months going into the General election. These are the types of mistakes that can destroy his campaign.  See receipts below: Tagging people who need to see this information with hopes that vetting can be improved ASAP! Don’t shoot the messenger. Just trying to help! Trump must win.”

Loomer also posted, “Not sure how or why it’s so hard for people in charge of vetting to do their job right.   It’s very concerning to me how such blatant red flags are just conveniently ignored and “missed”. Really makes me wonder.”

Last week, Loomer Unleashed led the charge in exposing RINOS running for leadership positions at the Georgia State GOP Convention. We exposed that Georgia RNC Committeeman Jason Thompson’s wife, Julianne Thompson, and daughter, Victoria Thompson, have received over $300K in payments from Brad Raffensperger’s office since 2020. Even worse, Julianne Thompson’s 2020 payment from Raffensperger was tied to a no-bid contract with Georgia’s Secretary of State Office and Dominion. 

President Trump can’t lose November’s election. There is too much at stake. Loomer Unleashed will continue leading the charge in exposing corruption in key election states. 

Laura Loomer