Mitch McConnell’s Uniparty is increasingly worried that their pick in the Nevada Senate race, Sam Brown, will not win his upcoming GOP United States Senate Primary. Due to this, the NRSC, which serves as the establishment of the Senate GOP’s political attack force, showed up at the home of Jeff Gunter’s daughter and harassed her. GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and his team control all Senate GOP-related organizations, including the NRSC. McConnell has invested a lot of money and time in Brown.  McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee has donated directly to Sam Brown. McConnell also hosted a 2023 fundraiser for Brown in Washington, D.C. McConnell recently complained about Brown’s race not going well. The Uniparty will embrace the worst methods to remain in power.

Disturbing video shows NRSC staffer David Stinson standing outside of Jeff Gunter’s daughter’s home in an apparent attempt to harrass her due to her father’s rising poll numbers against Mitch McConnell’s Nevada Senate GOP pick Sam Brown. 

It is known that the individuals harassing Gunter’s daughter are NRSC staffers because the individuals left a note on her door with a phone number, 804-480-0519, connected to NRSC research staffer David Stinson.

David Stinson’s photo and cell phone number listed in Virginia Tech’s Alpa Tau Omega confirm that the number and individual seen in the video are indeed David Stinson.

David Stinson’s LinkedIn profile confirms that he went to Virginia Tech and works for the NRSC.

Jeff Gunter posted on these developments, “Your NRSC minions showed up at my daughter’s house, harassed and threatened her. Who is the vile one? Also, it’s a great ad thank you for highlighting it. Scam is totally owned by the McConnell swamp – and he’s more desperate than ever!!! This race is simple: MAGA vs Mitch.”

It should be no surprise that McConnell and the UniParty are attempting all the tricks to push Brown past the finish line. FEC records show that on December 22, 2023, McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee donated $5,000 to Sam Brown for Nevada. 

In December 2023, Mitch McConnell hosted a fundraiser for Sam Brown in Washington, D.C. 

McConnell told Politico, “You don’t know in April who might be able to win. You’ve got [a] quality candidate we think in Wisconsin, a quality candidate in Nevada who’s got a tough primary apparently.  And who knows about Arizona.”

Sam Brown’s close relationship with McConnell and his failure to endorse President Trump in a timely manner is destroying Brown in Nevada Senate GOP polling. On August 25th, 2023, the day after President Trump was arrested and had his mug shot taken in Fulton County, Georgia, Brown informed Punchbowl News that he would not endorse Trump. Punchbowl reported, “Brown is being exceptionally cautious when it comes to Trump. He declined to say whether he’s comfortable with sharing the GOP ticket with Trump in Nevada, which will be competitive once again at the presidential level as well.”

In October 2023, Brown again declined to endorse Trump, with the NBC News report reading, “In Nevada, retired Army Capt. Sam Brown, who lost a Senate primary last year against a Trump-backed candidate, also has declined to endorse Trump. Two of Brown’s 2024 primary rivals — former Trump ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunter and Jim Marchant, a 2020 election denier who lost a race for secretary of state last year — have emphasized their endorsements of Trump.”

Team McConnell understands that they are losing power while MAGA is gaining traction. NRSC staffers harassing Gunter’s daughter at her home shows just how desperate the Uniparty is getting in their efforts to hold on to the little power they have left.

Laura Loomer