RINOs in Georgia have no respect for President Trump’s voters. Video from the Georgia Record shows Georgia RNC Committeeman Jason Thompson berating a voter during Tuesday’s Muscogee GOP meeting following the voter’s question asking Thompson about his close connections to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Jason Thompson recently became enraged at Charles Downs and Laura Loomer following Loomer Unleashed’s article about Jason Thompson’s wife, Julianne Thompson, and daughter, Victoria Thompson, receiving over $300K in payments from Raffensperger’s office since 2020. Even worse, Julianne Thompson’s 2020 payment from Raffensperger was tied to a no-bid contract with Georgia’s Secretary of State Office and Dominion. Thompson and his allies quoted biblical passages in anonymously written articles instead of responding to us with facts. This move seemed to be a pathetic attempt to come off as righteous people. Thompson’s most ridiculous attack on Downs and Loomer came when he acted like our mentioning of his daughter was attacking a child. Downs, Loomer, and Thompson’s daughter all fall under a very close age range. Thompson’s deranged attacks on President Trump’s supporters are just more evidence that he should not be allowed to continue his role as RNC Committeeman.

On Tuesday, Jason Thompson was asked a totally legitimate question about the appearance of his conflicts of interest due to his family’s close ties with Brad Raffensperger. 

Thompson responded by yelling, “I am about to get pissed off… Shut up and sit down.”

Loomer captioned the video, “Why is he so angry about this information coming to light? Brad Raffensperger and Fani Willis want Donald Trump to be jailed for the rest of his life. The vote to elect the GA RNC Committeeman is this Saturday. Jason Thompson should resign. Trump can’t win in 2024 unless he wins Georgia. Do we really need RINOS sabotaging him in Georgia? I don’t think so.”

According to records from the Georgia Department of Audits & Accounts published in the Georgia Record, Julianne Thompson received $105k in 2020 via a no-bid contract with Georgia’s Secretary of State Office and Dominion. 

Julianne Thompson also received a $45k payment in 2020 from Raffensperger’s Office.

In 2021, Thompson’s daughter, Victoria, started receiving payments from Raffensperger’s office, and then in 2023, both Victoria and Julianne received payments from Raffensperger’s office. One could say that working for Raffensperger has become a Thompson family affair. 

Following our article stating these facts, Thompson and his allies began attacking Loomer and Downs with anonymously written articles on substack that just quoted bible verses. Using the lord’s name in an attempt to cover up your improprieties to grasp power is the ultimate sign of desperation.

Thompson’s high school-like attitude and his ties to Raffensberger have caused Loomer and other prominent forces within MAGA to ask Turning Point USA to resend their endorsement of Thompson. Loomer wrote, “Cc: @tylerbowyer @charliekirk11 Given the controversy I have brought to light as it relates to Georgia RNC Committeeman @GJasonThompson and his ties to the Trump-hating Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState via his daughter who still works for Raffensperger and is best friends with @JordyFuchs, who illegally recorded President Trump, I’d love to know why @TPAction_ affiliated with @TPUSA is having a Meet and Greet in Georgia today to support Jason Thompson. This is very troubling behavior. Not sure why Jason Thomson is using @DonaldJTrumpJr’s picture on this flyer either when this conflict of interest puts Donald Trump at risk. There’s a reason why Donald Trump won’t endorse Jason Thompson…”

It should also be no surprise that Thompson supported another candidate during the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary.

Given Thompson’s attitude and connections to Raffensburger, it is essential that Thompson not be elected as Georgia’s RNC Committeeman.

Charles Downs