Rep. Eric Swalwell ran scared from us in the halls of Congress on Wednesday after we asked him, “How Can Democrats Be Protecting Democracy When You Want To Kick President Trump Off The Ballot?” During a CNN appearance, J6 Committee Man Raskin stated that in the wake of SCOTUS’ ruling keeping President Trump on the ballot, he and Eric Swalwell would introduce legislation in Congress to kick Trump off the ballot. Swalwell is yet further proof that Democrats involved in “get Trump” scams either run or hide when they are confronted on the facts of their actions.

Loomer Unleashed greeted Swalwell, “Congressman can I ask you a quick question.” 

Looking extremely scared, Swalwell replied, “No, sorry, I am busy.”

Refusing to take no for an answer, Loomer Unleashed asked Swalwell, “Congressman, How Can Democrats Be Protecting Democracy When You Want To Kick President Trump Off The Ballot?”

Loomer captioned the video, “Today, @RepSwalwell ran away from @LoomerUnleashed @TheCharlesDowns as we asked him “how can Democrats be protecting Democracy when you want to kick President Trump off the ballot with @RepRaskin? Swalwell hasn’t moved that fast to dodge a question since he got caught going down on Fang Fang.  Isn’t it amazing how these Democrats talk so much shit about Donald Trump on X and on TV, but when they are confronted in person, they run and hide?”

Seething in anger over the Supreme Court ruling that kept President Trump on the ballot, Jamie Raskin told CNN, “Eric Swalwell, my colleagues and I are working to revive legislation, which we had, to set up a process by which we could determine that someone who committed an insurrection is disqualified by section 3 of the 14th Amendment.”

Swalwell was not the only “get Trump” Democrat to run away from Loomer Unleashed on Wednesday. Minority Leader Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat in Congress, ran away after telling Loomer Unleashed, “I’m not going to comment on that…” after we asked him if he thought if it was appropriate that Rep. Dan Goldman consulted with Michael Cohen before Choen’s testimony in President Trump’s trial.

Loomer captioned the video, “Today, following my expose of Congressman Dan Goldman yesterday, @LoomerUnleashed @TheCharlesDowns confronted House Minority Leader @StenyHoyer, the number 2 ranking Democrat in Congress. We asked him if he thinks it’s appropriate that his Democrat members including @RepDanGoldman, a Democrat Congressman from New York who is a client of Judge Merchan’s daughter’s political consulting firm Authentic Campaigns, met with @MichaelCohen212 before his testimony in the Trump trial this week…Time for @GOPoversight to INVESTIGATE @Authentic_HQ.”

Elected Democrats are always eager to begin their “get Trump witch hunts. But when they are presented with facts about their Trump investigations or trials, elected Democrats always run or lie. If the Left’s “get Trump campaign is “just like the Left claims it is, then why can’t top-ranking Congressional Democrats answer the most basic questions?

Charles Downs