January 6th Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson lied on Wednesday, telling Loomer Unleashed the J6 Committee handed over their deleted communications when we asked him in the halls of Congress why the J6 Committee has not complied with the House Oversight Committee’s request to hand over their deleted communications with Fulton County DA Fani Willis. January 6th Committee Member Jamie Raskin recently ran scared following our questions about the J6 Committee’s deleted communications with Willis. On a different occasion, when we asked him the same question, Raskin informed Loomer Unleashed we needed “deprogrammed.” Fani Willis also recently ran scared in Miami, Florida, when Loomer asked her why she was not complying with Congressional Requests to hand over her deleted communications with the J6 Committee. Those out to “get Trump” have a strong track record of lying or running when they are presented with facts about their witch hunts.

Loomer Unleashed greeted Rep. Thompson,”Good Morning, Congressman Thompson.”

Rep. Thompson: “How are you doing?” 

Loomer Unleashed: “So why hasn’t the J6 Committee followed through and handed over the deleted communications with Fani Willis?” 

In an attempt to play dumb, Thompson said, “Who?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Fani Willis, y’all deleted your communications, and the House Oversight has asked for the communications, and you have not provided it to them yet.”

Thompson then lied, saying, “Well, as far as I know, everything has been provided.” 

We responded, “Well, there are letters that say otherwise.” 

Loomer captioned the video, “@LoomerUnleashed just confronted J6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson about the J6 Committee and Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis dodging Congressional communications requests from the @GOPoversight Committee. As you can see, Thompson just LIED on video and said Fani has turned over her communications with the J6 committee. She has not. And the J6 communications were deleted, as we all know. Another Day, another Democrat lying. Waiting for some ACCOUNTABILITY @HouseGOP!”

J6 Committee member Jamie Raskin ran away after we asked him, Good morning, Congressman. Would you like to comment on the J6 Committee deleting their communications with Fani Willis? I talked to Fani Willis, your best friend, last week, and she did not want to comment either. You usually love talking with me. Why are you so quiet today?”

Raskin once told Loomer Unleashed we need “deprogramming” after we asked him the same question on a separate occasion.

Fani Willis also ran scared from Loomer after she asked Willis why she was not complying with a Congressional Request for her deleted communications with the J6 Committee.

On December 5th, 2023, the House Judiciary Committee and the House Select Committee on Oversight wrote letters to Fani Willis and J6 Committee Chair Benny Thompson about their deleted communications.

Also, on December 5th, the House Select Committee on Oversight wrote to J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “According to public reporting, the Select Committee shared records with Ms. Willis. The Select Committee provided ‘Fulton County prosecutors…key evidence about what former President Trump and his top advisers knew’ with respect to Georgia’s 2020 election results.5 However, there are no records of any additional communication between the Select Committee and Ms. Willis and her office. Therefore, we have no records showing what the Select Committee actually provided her office.”

There is a common theme afloat. Those who want to “get Trump” always lie or run scared when presented with facts about their witch hunts.