Virginia United States Senate Candidate Scott Parkinson is the clear choice of the establishment as Parkinson’s campaign has paid HSP Direct. This firm proudly works with Mike Pence’s 501C4 Advancing American Freedom. Parkinson and his former employer, Club for Growth, which ran negative ads against President Trump in the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary, have routinely praised Pence. Parkinson’s campaign has also paid Axiom, a firm owned by Never Trumper Jeff Roe. Axiom was fundamental in backing Ron DeSantis’s presidential run. It should be no surprise that Parkinson made anti-Trump statements at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in 2023, telling attendees, “What do you have to gain for voting for a new conservative leader?” Parkinson then started listing reasons why the GOP should pick a “new conservative leader.” Virginia Trump supporters must ensure Parkinson is soundly defeated in June’s Primary.

FEC reports show that Scott Parkinson’s campaign has been paying HSP Direct since 2023.

HSP Direct’s website lists “Advancing American Freedom, Founder Mike Pence” as its first client. 

Advancing American Freedom’s website home page has a picture of Mike Pence with a statement that reads, “Advancing American Freedom (AAF) is a 501(c)(4) organization advocating for Conservative values and policy proposals. Sign up to help us save America.” It is interesting that Pence chose this wording, considering he failed to “Save America” in the lead-up to January 6th. 

Mike Pence and his former Chief of Staff, Marc Short, are listed as Advancing American Freedom’s Board members. 

Parkinson once claimed President Trump was sending signals that Pence would be the front-runner for the GOP nomination in 2024, posting, “Wouldn’t expect anything less from organizers of a Haley fundraiser. But the early 2024 front runner is probably @VP @realDonaldTrump sending a signal today: ‘Mike Pence has done a phenomenal job as vice president. He’s our guy, he’s my friend. We have a great team.‘”

Parkinson’s former employer, the Club for Growth, also praised Pence and former Never Trump Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, writing, “Thank you, Vice President @Mike_Pence and Governor @DougDucey, for an invigorating discussion on why #SchoolFreedom is a winning issue! Every child deserves the opportunity of a great education regardless of zip code.”

Before running for office, Parkinson was the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Club for Growth, an organization that spent millions against President Trump during the Iowa Caucus.

It should be no surprise that Parkinson uses Axiom Strategies for his campaign. Axiom is run by Never Trumper Jeff Roe, a top adviser to Ron DeSantis’ Never Back Down Pac.

Parkinson’s most disturbing comments came on April 3rd, 2023 while giving a speech to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference about the upcoming GOP Presidential Primary. In an obvious jab towards President Trump Parkinson said, “What do you have to gain for voting for a new conservative leader? After making the statement, Parkinson went on to list reasons why the GOP should embrace a “new conservative leader”

The facts are clear. Scott Parkinson is no friend of President Trump or MAGA. It’s essential that Trump supporters soundly defeat Parkinson at the ballot box in June’s primary. 

Charles Downs