It looks like Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul never got over President Trump’s destruction of him in the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Debates. Doug Stafford, Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist, is also a consultant for the RFK JR campaign. RFK JR is working to undermine Trump by attempting to create a contingent election, which occurs when no candidate reaches the required 270 electoral votes needed to become President of the United States. The United States House of Representatives picks the President, and the U.S. Senate selects the Vice President in a contingent election. Interestingly, RFK JR has endorsed Paul to replace Mitch McConnell as the next Senate Republican Leader. Senator Paul has yet to endorse President Trump for reelection. This all proves that Rand Paul is no friend of President Trump and MAGA.

Doug Stafford’s X bio states, “Chief Strategist,@RandPaul for Senate/RANDPAC.”

Paul and RFK JR met on January 10th. A news article about their meeting read, ” Doug Stafford, Paul’s Chief Strategist, is now a consultant with the Kennedy campaign.”

RFK JR also posted about their meeting, ” Had a wonderful talk with Rand Paul this morning about issues we share in common.” 

Shortly after their meeting, The Hill ran an article titled, “RFK JR Backs Rand Paul as Next Republican Senate Leader.”

Loomer posted on these developments, “I genuinely want to know why so many Republicans are so quiet about this. Let’s break it down in simpleton terms for the idiots.  @RandPaul is a “Republican” US Senator. Rand Paul fancies himself as the next Senate Republican leader after Mitch McConnell @LeaderMcConnell croaks or retires. Rand Paul has been having meetings with  @RobertKennedyJr and RFK Jr endorsed Rand Paul as the next Senate Republican leader. Rand Paul has still not endorsed President Trump’s 2024 campaign, even though Trump is the GOP nominee for President.”

Loomer also shared a video of President Trump destroying Rand Paul in the 2016 GOP Debates, “Looks like @RandPaul never got over President Trump destroying him in the GOP Presidential Primary Debate in 2016…Still a sore loser, but this time, Rand and his staff are willing to support a Marxist baby killer advocate whose brain was eaten by a parasitic worm, over Trump.”

Loomer has been warning about RKF Jr’s threat to create a contingent election, once posting a screenshot from American Values, a super PAC supporting RFK JR, that read,”Lindsay Stevens from @AmValues2024 shows how #RFKr can block @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden from winning the 2024 Gen. Election by garnering 15 Electoral College Votes. A divided Congress selects the #POTUS; the Senate selects the VP. #Kennedy24.”

American Vaules Pac is spending $15 million to get RFK JR on the ballot in 10 key states that collectively carry 210 electoral votes that are needed to win the 2024 election, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Texas.

Rand Paul’s fixation with RFK JR proves that he is no friend of President Trump or MAGA. It’s essential that Trump supporters no longer support the political efforts of Senator Paul. 



Laura Loomer