On Wednesday, all House Democrats in attendance voted no on H.R. 7109, a bill that simply states that one must be an American citizen to be counted in the United States Census. This vote signifies Democrats are determined to implement a policy that puts illegals before American citizens. U.S. Census data also impacts U.S. Congress representation and the Electoral College’s representation. During her trip to the Darién Gap, Laura Loomer captured exclusive footage of an illegal immigrant bound for America telling her that he plans to vote for Joe Biden in November’s election illegally. Other footage from Loomer’s Darien Gap trip shows tons of illegal immigrants chanting “We love Biden” while criticizing President Trump. House Democrats’ firm stance against H.R. 7109 is further proof the Left is determined to change the political structure in America by using whatever means necessary.

All 202 House Democrats in attendance on Wednesday voted against H.R.7190, a bill sponsored by Rep.Chuck Edwards (R-NC). The bill reads, “To require a citizenship question on the decennial census, to require reporting on certain census statistics, and to modify apportionment of Representatives to be based on United States citizens instead of all persons.”

U.S. Census data is used to determine Congressional and Electoral College representation. The Left’s determination to continue counting illegal immigrants in the U.S. Census is more proof that the Left wants to change the dynamic of American politics forever. 

Loomer’s video caption from her Darien Gap trip perfectly describes the Left’s newest election scam, “The illegal alien (his name is Lenny) also told me he was told to take out cash to bribe the Mexican police and that the Mexican police will let him cross over to the US if he pays them $15. Imagine how much money Mexican police are making if some of them are charging each illegal alien $15 to cross over to the US without issues from the police in Mexico. This is a massive human trafficking and smuggling operation, and many law enforcement officers are active participants.”

Other videos taken by Loomer in the Darién Gap show Venezuelans bound to illegally enter the United States of America making hearts with their hands and saying that they loved Joe Biden because of his open border policies. They also said they hated President Trump. The reasoning behind their Trump hate was obvious, as Donald J Trump is the only obstacle standing in the way of a life of living off the American taxpayers.

More Darién Gap video shows Venezuelans planning to enter the United States of America illegally, yelling, “No, Trump es un puta. Biden now appoyan.” Meaning, “Trump is a bitch, Biden supports us.”

The Left knows polling showing that a majority of Americans are against Joe Biden and his horrific socialist policies are correct. That is why Democrats are determined to import new voters. 202 House Democrats voting against H.R.7190 is further proof of this fact. If Trump does not win in November, there may never again be an American President interested in putting Americans first.