Powerful New York City Democrat Jerry Nadler was cheering on Judge Merchan’s corrupt trial of President Trump from Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Nadler told Loomer Unleashed that Judge Merchan’s daughter receiving payment from the Biden campaign was “irrelevant.” Loomer exclusively reported that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client” is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Loren Merchan’s X account, known as @LorenM426, featured a profile picture of President Trump behind bars in a jail cell. While in the court on Tuesday, highly conflicted Judge Merchan refused to grant President Trump’s attorney’s request for a mistrial despite the many flaws of Stormy Daniels’ testimony. As he left court on Tuesday, President Trump put his fist up in the air. Tuesday was yet another example of President Trump prevailing past the Left’s election interference attempts. 

Loomer Unleashed asked Nadler: “How is it going, Congressman? How can New York Democrats claim to be defending democracy when they are forcing President Trump off the campaign trail for another two to three weeks? 

Nadler, New York Democrats are not doing that; the Judge is conducting a trial. 

Loomer Unleashed: “Isn’t Judge Merchan a New York Democrat? 

Nadler: “That is irrelevant.” 

Loomer Unleashed: “Do you think Judge Merchan is conflicted? 

Nadler: “No. 

Loomer Unleashed: “Why? 

Nadler: ” There is no evidence” 

Loomer Unleashed: “How about Judge Merchan’s daughter being contracted out by the Biden-Harris campaign? 

Nadler: “It’s irrelevant. 

Loomer Unleashed: “How is it irrelevant?”

Nadler: “It just is.”

Loomer captioned the video, “WATCH: Today @LoomerUnleashed caught up with Democrat New York Congressman @RepJerryNadler and asked him how @TheDemocrats can keep claiming they are “protecting Democracy” when they are keeping Donald Trump tied up in court these next 2 months via Judge Merchan as a way to keep him off the campaign trail. Take a listen to these mental gymnastics by Jerry Nadler about Judge Merchan and his daughter Loren Merchan of  @Authentic_HQ.Too bad @JerryNadler refuses to partake in some actual gymnastics. It could do him some good… “

Loomer previously reported that screenshots show Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, has an X account that reshared a photo of her speaking at an Authentic Campaigns event, an organization she is part-owner of. A zoomed-in photo shows Merchan’s @LorenM426 handle flashing behind her on the podium. An X post from Authentic Campaigns on January 9th, 2020, stated that Authentic Campaigns was “excited to announce that Loren Merchan is being named partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns.” Loren Merchan’s X account, @LorenM426, shared this announcement.

Authentic Campaigns’ website lists the Biden-Harris campaign as its “Featured Client.” Other clients of Authentic Campaigns include Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Governor Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff, and the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

During court on Tuesday, Judge Merchan’s bias was showing as he denied President Trump’s attorney’s mistrial request due to multiple issues with Stormy Daniels’s testimony. Daniels once signed a legal document stating she never had an affair with President Trump. Despite signing the document, Daniels was allowed to change her story on the matter

As he left court on Tuesday, President Trump put his fist up in the air.

President Trump is currently facing the wrath of top-ranking Democrats. The fact that he keeps prevailing over the Left’s attacks day after day is truly a testament to President Trump’s leadership ability.