The RNC’s spring cleaning under Lara Trump continued over the weekend with the announcement that RNC Chief Counsel Charlie Spies had been fired. In early April, Laura Loomer predicted Spies would be let go. Spies is a Jeb Bush acolyte who openly worked against President Trump during the 2024 GOP Primary. Spies also mocked President Trump’s chances just prior to the 2016 election. The RNC Chief Counsel will play a pivotal role in ensuring November’s election is free and fair. It’s encouraging news that the RNC seems committed to ensuring that a pro-MAGA individual fills the Chief Counsel position. 

On April 7th, Laura Loomer wrote on X, “Hearing Charlie Spies @cspiesdc might be fired from the RNC very soon.”

On May 5th, almost one month after Loomer’s prediction, news broke that Charlie Spies had been fired from the RNC. Loomer commented on Spies’ departure, “BREAKING: Top RNC lawyer Charlie Spies has officially resigned after growing displeasure from President Trump over his ties to Ron DeSantis and Jeb Bush. I told you all weeks ago this was coming.”

Spies has had a long history of anti-Trump remarks. During the Iowa Caucus, Spies became angered when networks called the state for President Trump. It is important to note that Trump’s Iowa win was one of the largest in Iowa Caucus history. Despite this, Spies posted, “This is outrageous for @cnn and others to be calling IA Caucus for Trump while majority of Iowans still voting. Basic journalistic standards have always been than don’t influence voting by calling race before voting closes?!?”

In July, Spies posted about one of President Trump’s GOP Primary opponent fundraising numbers, “$20 million in six weeks is remarkable demonstration of support for effective conservative leadership. 🇺🇸 🐊  That’s more than Trump raised in his first 2 quarters combined!”

Spies was also a Jeb Bush acolyte. Spies once shared a National Review article, a publication that has been very unfair to President Trump. Spies captioned the article, “@JebBush is exactly right.  To quote another leader a few decades ago…this is the soft bigotry of low expectations. “

One of Spies’ most eyebrow-raising posts came just before the 2016 election. Spies mocked President Trump’s chances of beating Hillary Clinton by quoting a New York Times article stating, “Trump believes he will win,” with a caption on his X account that read, “Trump also was convinced that Romney would win. He flew to Boston on Election Day to join the celebration.”

Loomered Unleashed has been reporting on Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, swing state tour. Soros has met with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro. Soros is clearly up to something, and GOP election integrity experts must start taking notice.

The RNC Chief Counsel will play a critical role in ensuring that November’s election is free and fair. It is encouraging, to say the least, that the RNC looks to be filling this critical position with a pro-Trump lawyer. What happened in 2020 can not happen again in 2024. Too much is at stake.