President Trump scored another victorious day in court on Friday. As he arrived at court, Trump commented on Biden’s collapsing economy. As court proceeded, CNN and the mainstream media attempted to make Hope Hicks’s testimony into a big deal, when in reality, David Pecker’s testimony stating that Trump knew nothing about payments to Stormy Daniels killed off New York Democrats case against Trump. As he left court, Trump made powerful remarks, criticizing Biden’s DOJ for going after him and people in his company while at the same time allowing America and the world to “go to hell.” Trump’s trial is providing the opposite effect the Democrats thought it would have as Trump continues to build momentum. 

As he walked into court, President Trump said, “The job numbers just came out, and they are HORRIBLE… these people are destroying our country, and here’s another sign of it.”

As court began, CNN and other mainstream media outlets attempted to make Hope Hicks’ testimony into a big deal. But in reality, David Pecker’s testimony stating that Trump had no idea about any payments makes Ms. Hicks’ testimony pretty meaningless because Trump’s charges should have been dropped after Pecker’s testimony. 

While in court, President Trump pointed out the games Judge Merchan was allowing the prosecution to play, posting on TruthSocial, “The tape played yesterday and discussed today, while good for my case, was cut off at the end, in the early stages of something very positive that I was in the midst of saying. Why was it cut off???”

President Trump made powerful remarks as he left the courtroom: “So I am not allowed to comment on any of that. I am under a gag order. Which is very unprecedented. But I will say this The government. The DOJ.. What they have done to people in my company. They have been after us for years. You take a look at what happens.. They have destroyed people’s lives They have gone out and hired lawyers. Being sucked dry. It’s a shame what they have done to a lot of great people who have been absolutely ruined and destroyed. Not only here but all over.”

Trump continued saying, “These are radical left lunatics. Look what they do to so many people. They are all lawyered up. That’s all they can do. In the meantime, they can’t do anything to help the country because they are always under siege. The country is going to hell. They have no time. Nothing left. They are always under siege. It’s a terrible thing happening in our country. Hopefully, on November 5th, it’s going to change because they are destroying our country. Weather at the border. The horrible reports that came out today on job numbers. Then you take October 7th and Isreal, which would have never happened. All of these are happening, and all they do is go after people. They destroy people. It’s a shame. just want to wish everyone a very good weekend.”

Trump’s court appearance on Friday wrapped up one of Trump’s strongest weeks on the campaign trail. Due to this, expect the Left to be even more deranged when Trump’s trial continues next week.


Charles Downs