Friday afternoon was one big “Get Trump” party at the White House as Joe Biden awarded Nancy Pelosi the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Biden thanked Pelosi for “standing up for democracy” on January 6th. After giving her the award, Pelosi and Biden kissed each other on the lips. Pelosi was the key figure in both of President Trump’s impeachment scams. Pelosi coined the phrase “defend our Democracy” when she pushed forward with Trump’s impeachments. Pelosi became infamous after she ripped up President Trump’s State of The Union Speech in 2020. Pelosi also helped instigate the 2020 BLM-ANTIFA riots with her “people will do what they do” speech. Pelosi’s award is more proof that “getting Trump” is the top priority of high-ranking Democrats. 

While awarding Nancy Pelosi the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Joe Biden thanked her for “standing up for democracy” on January 6th. After giving her the award, Pelosi and Biden kissed each other on the lips.

Before the awards ceremony, Biden’s statement on Pelosi read, “Nancy Pelosi served as the 52nd Speaker of the House and has represented San Francisco in Congress for more than 36 years. A staunch defender of democracy, she has shaped legislative agendas and Democratic priorities for decades.”

Interestingly, “defending democracy” was the term Pelosi used during her impeachment scams on President Trump. Pelosi once wrote, “Today, I have the privilege of naming the Managers of the impeachment trial of the President. #DefendOurDemocracy”

Pelosi also wrote, “This evening, the House’s Managers delivered articles of impeachment against President Trump to the U.S. Senate ahead of its upcoming trial. #DefendOurDemocracy” 

Pelosi has countlessly used “defending democracy” in her attacks on Trump, once writing, “Trump claiming that January 6th was a “beautiful day,” saying that defaulting on America’s full faith and credit would just be “a bad day” and refusing to say if Ukraine or Russia should win the war for Democracy again proves that he is unfit to serve.”

However, Pelosi had no problem breaking democratic norms when she was attempting to “get Trump.” Pelosi infamously ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union speech in 2020.

Pelosi did not believe the rule of law applied to her get Trump efforts. In 2020, at the height of the BLM-ANTIFA riots, Nancy Pelosi said, “People will do what they do.” Following her comments, American cities burned for weeks as top democrats encouraged the 2020 rioters to keep their efforts up in an attempt to hurt President Trump at the ballot box.

Loomer wrote on Pelosi receiving the presidential Medal of Freedom, “Wow. Joe Biden is really about to give @SpeakerPelosi the Presidential Medal of Freedom…. Unreal. If anyone deserves it, it’s Donald Trump.”

Friday’s love fest between Pelosi and Biden proves that the number one issue on top-ranking Democrats’ minds is “getting Trump.” Biden awarding Pelosi the Presidential Medal of Freedom singles out to all Democrats that those who run an election interference campaign against MAGA will be rewarded in the end. If Biden “wins” reelection, it would not be shocking if Judge Merchan is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2025.


Charles Downs