Arizona 8th Congressional District Candidate Blake Masters claims he supports President Trump and is against DEI and open borders. However, Masters has a close friendship with World Economic Forum Member Peter Thiel, who has recently criticized President Trump. It should come as no surprise that while he was in college, Masters was ahead of the curb in wokeness as he played women’s basketball. These facts throw serious doubts behind Master’s claims of being pro-America First. 

FEC records show that Thiel has strongly supported Blake Masters, donating heavily to Masters’ Saving Arizona PAC.

Masters has an extremely close relationship with Thiel that extends beyond politics. Masters was President of the Thiel Foundation and the COO of Thiel Capital. In March 2022, Masters posted, “I just cleared my schedule to defeat Mark Kelly in November: I have resigned from my posts running Thiel Capital and the Thiel Foundation.”

Masters even invited donors of his campaign to have dinner with him and Thiel, posting, “Want to have dinner with me and Peter Thiel? Donate $5,800 to my campaign by the end of the month (3/31, PDT), and you can. Six guests per dinner. These are great fun. Sample topics: VC, crypto, AI; UFOs, Epstein, conspiracy; China, globalization; the future.”

Peter Thiel is a proud globalist and has his own bio on the World Economic Forum’s website. Key passages from Thiel’s WEF bio read, “Before starting Clarium, he served as Chairman and CEO of PayPal, Inc., an Internet company he co-founded in December 1998 that was acquired by eBay Inc. for US1.5 billion. Thiel began his financial career as a derivatives trader at CS Financial Products after practicing securities law at Sullivan & Cromwell.”

Masters claims to be against DEI, yet the World Economic Forum is leading the charge to implement DEI across the world’s economies with a WEF statement reading, “This insight report provides an overview of the latest trends and emerging best practices in fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in organizations worldwide. It highlights the importance of DEI both from a values and economic perspective and showcases “Lighthouse” initiatives that are leading the way as impactful DEI practices.

The WEF is also a big believer in open borders, once stating that “immigrants have boosted the U.S. economy” when in reality, it is a proven fact that immigration drives down wages.

Most concerning of all is that Masters’ close friend, Peter Thiel, is an anti-Trumper. In November 2023, The Hill ran an article titled “Peter Thiel says Trump administration was ‘crazier’ and ‘more dangerous’ than he expected.”

It is no surprise that Masters played women’s basketball in college. A photo from SF Gate shows Masters playing against women, with the caption, “Jonathan Gibbs and Blake Masters men who have been invited to practice with the Women’s Basketball team.”

The facts make certain that Blake Masters is not the MAGA candidate he claims to be. Masters is a WEF plant, and Arizona 8th Congressional District Republicans must ensure he is soundly defeated at the ballot box.



Laura Loomer