Aidan Parisi, the son of Senior Biden-Blinken State Department official Elizabeth Daughtrey, is one of the leaders of the pro-Hamas riots holding Columbia University hostage. Parisi’s X account, @itsaidanbitch, has been writing posts encouraging violence across Columbia’s campus. Parisi’s actions got him suspended from Columbia in April, but the university never enforced the suspension, proving some people are more equal than others in Joe Biden’s America. Biden has faced justified criticism from President Trump for staying silent during the pro-Hamas riots that are taking Columbia University hostage. The Biden-Blinken State Department connection to Columbia’s riots shows just how infiltrated America has become. 

On April 29th, just hours before violence erupted on Columbia’s campus, Parisi posted, “Agenda for today COLUMBIA PULL UP TO DEFEND THE CAMP #cu4palestine.”

Parisi’s X account also shared an image that read, “Columbia will burn. Free Palestine.” 

Parisi’s X account lit up with excitement as rioters started blocking Jewish students from entering various areas of campus, “Student works rallying/picketing & faculty standing in a soft blockade to defend the camp!! Columbia, with the people by our side, we ain’t going nowhere!!!”

On April 27th, Parisi made another call for violence, “ALL OUT TO CCNY* Our comrades at CCNY need people to turn up. They’ve set up barriers at entrances and closed gates to campus. They need numbers in now before they close entrances/exits completely. Please spread the message to all networks and comrades #cu4palestine #cuny4palestine.”

Parisi even complimented Hamas’ fighters,”To everyone standing in solidarity in Rafah, thank you. Thank you for your courage and bravery. Thank you for your solidarity. We are with you and will never forget you. Gaza, you will rise. Your sacrifices will not go in vain. With love from the student intifada.”

Parisi also encouraged pro-Hamas rioters to take direct action across America, “Good morning from the 9th day of Columbia University’s Gaza Solidarity Encampment. So grateful to see so many encampments popping up all over the country. The students are making it clear that we won’t stand by and watch our tuition dollars fund genocide. zionism is crumbling. imperialism is crumbling. Don’t stop protesting.”

Parisi’s mom, Elizabeth Daugharty, is a senior official at the Biden-Blinken State Department. A year ago, Daugharty wrote on her LinkedIN, “I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Senior Policy Advisor at U.S. Department of State!

Joe Biden’s silence during the pro-Hamas riots gripping America is extremely erie given that one of his top State Department employees has a son who is leading the riots. Could Biden-Iran collusion be working to keep Biden in power past November’s election? 

In comparison, President Trump has strongly denounced the pro-Hamas riots and called for them to end.

President Trump also wrote on TruthSocial about open borders playing a role in the Hamas riots happening on college campuses across America. Loomer shared the post with a caption, “I’m sure many of the people coming across our border illegally are participating in the HAMAS riots across college campuses in our country.”

The pro-Hamas riots further prove the point that laws and norms do not apply to Joe Biden’s voters. Trump’s victory in November is the only way America can become normal again. 


Laura Loomer