President Trump spent his off day from court on Wednesday, holding massive rallies in the critical states of Wisconsin and Michigan. His speeches centered around the themes of ending Biden’s open borders, stopping lawless pro-Hamas riots holding America’s cities hostage, saving blue-collar jobs, and preventing World War 3. Polling across the board shows President Trump is leading Biden by a lot in Michigan and Wisconsin. This is as Joe Biden continues hiding in the White House basement. Trump clearly has all the energy heading into November.

The venue for President Trump’s Waukesha, Wisconsin, speech was attended by large amounts of people who were fired-up to see America’s President speak.

During his Wisconsin speech, Trump called for an end to the pro-Hamas riots holding America hostage, saying, “To every college president, I say: REMOVE THE ENCAMPMENTS immediately, vanquish the radicals, and take back our campuses for all the normal students who want a safe place in which to learn! DonaldJTrump.com.”

Trump also spoke to Wisconsin voters about Biden’s failed middle-class policies and his plan to fix America’s economy, “If Joe Biden wins this election, the Middle Class loses—but if Trump wins, the Middle-Class WINS, people of low income will start their journey toward the American Dream, WISCONSIN WINS, and AMERICA WINS!!! DonaldJTrump.com.”

A massive high energy crowd greeted President Trump as he arrived in Michigan. 

Trump told his Michigan crowd how Biden’s economy has left many in shambles, “Under Biden, a single individual earning $75,000 dollars a year will see an almost $2,000 dollar tax hike; and a family of four earning $165,000 dollars a year will see a nearly $3,000 dollar tax hike. 73% of Americans are now living Paycheck to Paycheck, the highest number ever recorded—yet Crooked Joe wants to raise your taxes, and raise business taxes which will lead to the destruction of your jobs that all came in during the Trump administration.” 

Trump spoke on saving America’s auto industry, “I’m going to SAVE your industry… CHINA is building some of the LARGEST AUTO PLANTS in the World along our border in Mexico. They think they are going to sell those cars in America and DESTROY Michigan jobs. I’m not going to let it happen!”

One of Trump’s most important pledges was to secure America’s borders at all levels: “In my next term, we will build a great “IRON DOME” State-of-the-Art Missile Defense Shield!”

Trump’s Michigan speech ended in thunderous applause, Like those Patriots before us, we will not bend. We will not break. We will not yield. We will NEVER give in. We will NEVER give up!” Trump showed high amounts of energy as he left the stage. 

President Trump continues to make waves in critical states while Joe Biden hides in the White House basement or his Deleware beach home. Democrats understand that Biden could not draw Trump-like crowds in Wisconsin or Michigan, so they are keeping Biden hidden. It’s clear which candidate has all the momentum heading into November’s election, hence why the Left continues to expand its election interference operation. 

Charles Downs