News broke late Tuesday that the Biden White House is plotting to import Palestinian refugees in the very near future. Loomer was one of the first to alert the American people to Biden’s latest national security disaster by highlighting an April 12th post from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services stating how current Palestinian green card holders can extend their stay. This move by the Biden Administration strongly singled that they would be open to further action on expanding green card access to Palestinians. It is interesting to note that Biden providing Iran with over $10 billion allowed Hamas to attack Israel, thus starting the war that is allowing the Biden White House the opportunity to open America’s borders more. In comparison, President Trump has promised to reinstall his travel ban from places that harbor terror.

Team Trump’s X account highlighted a CBS News report that the Biden White House is working towards providing Palestinian refugees “permanent safe haven in the U.S.” 

Back on April 12th, Loomer highlighted a post from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that read, “@DHSgov published a Federal Register notice describing how Palestinians covered by Deferred Enforced Departure can apply for an Employment Authorization Document through Aug. 13, 2025.” 

The key part of Biden’s April 12th order reads, “President Biden issued a memorandum on DED for Palestinians on Feb. 14, 2024, deferring through Aug. 13, 2025, the removal of certain Palestinians present in the United States at the time of the announcement. Individuals who enter the United States after Feb. 14, 2024, are not eligible for DED. The memorandum directs the Department of Homeland Security to take appropriate measures to authorize employment for Palestinians eligible for DED and to consider suspending certain regulatory requirements for Palestinian F-1 nonimmigrant students.”

This post from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services indicated the Biden Administration’s eagerness to enhance its Palestinian refugee program. On April 12th, Loomer wrote, “JOE BIDEN IS GIVING PALESTINIAN INVADERS WORK PERMITS!!! This is a post posted by @USCIS 9 hours ago. I called it. In 2023 I said Biden would be resettling these jihadists and protecting them with work and residency in the US. This insanity needs to end.”

President Trump is right when he says that Hamas would have never attacked Israel under his leadership as Hamas was emboldened to attack Israel following Biden giving Iran billions of dollars. Loomer wrote on Biden’s failed Iran policy, “Joe Biden wants Israel to be wiped off the map so he can get the Muslim Vote in Michigan and Minnesota. That’s why he’s letting this happen after giving Iran $16 billion.”

Unlike Biden, President Trump wants to prevent people from places that harbor terror from entering the United States. Loomer pointed out the comparisons, “Assaulting police officers while screaming Allahu Akbar isn’t “protesting.” It’s animal behavior and has no place in the United States. They need to be deported. I can’t wait for Trump to reinstate his travel ban. It can’t come fast enough. I pray for it everyday.” 

Those running the Biden White House are determined to continue Obama’s dream of fundamentally transforming America. President Trump’s victory in November is the only thing standing in the way of Obama’s vision coming true.

Laura Loomer