United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin refused to answer Loomer Unleashed when we asked him if the Department of Defense DEI-focused policies put Americans’ safety at risk. Austin avoided our questioning as he entered Capitol Hill for a hearing on Tuesday. According to the Pentagon’s “Department of Defense Equity Action Plan 2023 Update,” the DoD must integrate DEI into the DOD’s planning tools, meaning race, sex, and gender are now the primary factors determining how to defend the United States of America. Since Biden’s Pentagon took power, the world has moved closer to World War 3.

Secretary Austin kept walking when Loomer Unleashed asked him, “Are the DoD’s DEI policies putting America’s safety at risk?”

Loomer captioned the video, “WATCH: Today @LoomerUnleashed caught up with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. We asked him if the Department of Defense’s (DOD) DEI policies are putting American citizens at risk. Biden’s DEI pick for Defense Secretary didn’t have much to say Imagine that.”

The Department of Defense Equity Action Plan 2023 Update orders read, ” The DoD brought together a team that includes leaders responsible for implementing these Executive Orders. Additionally, because the DoD’s EAP 2023 Update addresses the requirements of several different Executive Orders, the DoD worked closely with the Domestic Policy Council and the Office of Management and Budget and selected the following Strategies for the 2023 EAP Update.”

The plan continues reading, “Integrate environmental/economic justice tools into DoD planning tools for decision-making.” This means that race, gender, and sex play significant factors in America’s national security.

The Department of Defense Equity Action Plan also has orders stating, “Incorporate Environmental Justice Screening and the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tools into the Defense Climate Assessment tool by May 2024.” Those who do not believe in climate change are no longer welcome in Joe Biden’s military.

More concerning is that the Pentagon seems to be training its own secret police force to enforce the DEI agenda within the military: “Train DoD Climate Assessment Tool users, a community of DoD installation planners and decision-makers, on environmental justice principles and how to include these principles and corresponding data into DoD planning processes by August 2024.”

There is also an office of DEI located within the Pentagon, and its mission statement reads, “The Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) promotes Diversity in the Department of Defense (DoD). ODEI envisions a Department of Defense that reflects the face of the Nation. To that end, we seek a Department that competes for the best and brightest talent our Nation has to offer. We focus our efforts on emerging talent to ensure that we successfully attract, recruit, develop and retain a highly-skilled Total Force capable of meeting current and future mission requirements.”

As the Pentagon has gone woke, the world is moving closer to World War 3. It’s clear America’s adversaries do not fear America’s DEI military. It’s shameful that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin couldn’t answer American’s safety concerns when he was one of the main issues that caused the security crisis in the first place.

Charles Downs