Will Scharf, President Trump’s attorney and candidate for Missouri Attorney General, joined Loomer Unleashed on Thursday for an exclusive interview discussing the political weaponization against President Trump. Scharf broke the groundbreaking news that Micahel Dreeben, the individual who Jack Smith chose to deliver Thursday’s oral arguments to the United States Supreme Court in the case involving President Trump’s presidential immunity, had his arguments cleared by the United States Solicitor General. This fact proves that Jack Smith is working with the highest levels of the Biden DOJ on Trump’s J6 prosecution. Loomer and Scharf all discussed Trump’s New York case and the pro-Hamas riots currently holding New York City hostage. Click Here to watch Loomer’s full interview with Scharf. 

During their interview, Loomer brought up to Scharf that it struck her as odd that Dreeben and the liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justices had a similar argument on presidential immunity, stating that President Trump’s efforts to secure 2020’s election were not an official act, thus are not protected under presidential immunity. Loomer asked Scharf if he believed Dreeben and the liberal SCOTUS Justices were coordinating. 

Scharf responded with groundbreaking news that Joe Biden’s Solicitor General cleared Dreeben’s arguments, proving the highest levels of the Biden DOJ are working to “get Trump“.

Loomer was one of the first to report on Thursday, “It’s weird how Jack Smith’s attorney, Michael Dreeben, made the same argument today as @joeBiden’s DEI SCOTUS pick, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Both of these clowns are saying that President Trump working to secure America’s elections was not an “official presidential act.” 

Scharf and Loomer also discussed Dreeben’s deranged language, which he used to describe President Trump’s administration, referring to it as a regime and Trump as a king. Scharf mentioned that Dreeben was an advisor for Robert Muller’s Trump-Russia collusion witch hunt. Scharf said this fact shows just how far the Left is going to “get Trump.” 

Their interview also brought up Trump’s New York case. Scharf stated that he was surprised that Judge Merchan forced Trump’s Jewish lawyers to work over Pass Over. Scharf then brought up the disturbing fact that Merchan’s chosen trial date for Trump ensured that no Orthodox Jews would be on Trump’s jury due to the trial falling around Pass Over. In New York City, the Orthodox Jewish community is one of President Trump’s strongest voting blocs. 

During the interview, Loomer informed Scharf she believed that New York Democrats are intentionally allowing pro-Hamas rioters to take the city hostage in an effort to endanger President Trump’s safety. Scharf responded by saying that Joe Biden is willing to sacrifice President Trump’s Middle East peace just to score votes in the Muslim communities of Michigan and Minnesota. 

The interview ended with Scharf stating that the best thing Americans can do to end the lawless prosecutions is to get out and, more importantly, get your friends out to vote for President Trump in November. Trump’s victory will bring a return to the rule of law. 

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Laura Loomer