Multiple people were arrested following Ilhan Omar’s Speech at a mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protest at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday. This was not Omar’s first rodeo of inciting a mob. Omar recently became unhinged towards Loomer Unleashed, calling us “disgusting” for pointing out her hypocrisy of calling supporters of President Trump “extremists” while Omar’s congressional colleagues have credibly accused her of sharing pro-Hamas propaganda in the halls of Congress. Omar went on to tell Loomer Unleashed that her congressional colleagues accusing her of sharing pro-Hamas propaganda are disgusting, too. Omar’s behavior further proves that some people are more equal than others in Joe Biden’s America. 

In her deranged speech, Omar thanked the mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protesters for “putting their bodies on the line.”  Loomer commented on Omar’s comments, ” She needs to be removed from Congress and then it must be made illegal to take your oath of office on the Quran in America like this miscreant did. Send her back to where she came from and please send her spawn of Satan with her. They don’t belong in America.”

Loomer Unleashed recently asked Omar, ” Congresswoman, how can you call Trump supporters extremists when you have literally repeated Hamas rhetoric?”

Omar responded, ” You are disgusting. Go away.”

Loomer Unleashed: ” How am I disgusting? It’s a truthful question, congresswomen. You call Americans extremists, yet you repeat pro-Hamas propaganda. ”

Omar: “That is not true. You aren’t truthful, you are disgusting.”

Loomer Unleashed: ” It is true. Your colleagues say so.”

Omar: “That is not true. You and the colleagues are disgusting.”

Loomer Unleashed: ” So your congressional colleagues are lying?”

Omar: “Yes.”

218 of Omar’s colleagues voted “yes” on a resolution to remove her from the Committee on Foreign Affairs due to her remarks referring to 9/11 as “some people did something.” Other past Omar statements included in the resolution “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” and “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.” According to Omar, these 218 members of Congress are “disgusting.”

Despite her pro-Hamas rhetoric, Omar still believes Trump supporters are the “threats” to America. Omar once described Trump supporters as “It’s like watching cult followers. He [Trump] tells them America is “rotten” and they just cheer with their popcorn and drinks. It’s really scary, God help us.”

President Trump called out the Left’s hypocrisy, posting on TruthSocial, “Thousands of people were turned away from the Courthouse in Lower Manhattan by steel stanchions and police, literally blocks from the tiny side door from where I enter and leave. It is an armed camp to keep people away. Maggot Hagerman of The Failing New York Times, falsely reported that I was disappointed with the crowds. No, I’m disappointed with Maggot, and her lack of writing skill, and that some of these many police aren’t being sent to Columbia and NYU to keep the schools open and the students safe. The Legal Scholars call the case a Scam that should never have been brought. I call it Election Interference and a personal hit job by a conflicted and corrupt Judge who shouldn’t be allowed to preside over this Political Hoax. New York Justice is being reduced to ashes, and the World is breathlessly watching. Hopefully, Appellate Courts can save it, and all of the companies that are fleeing to other jurisdictions. They can no longer take a chance on New York Justice!”

The mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protests make clear that Biden’s voters have free reign in Joe Biden’s America.