Fulton County DA Fani Willis will continue her efforts to “get Trump” by taking her show on the road. On Friday, Willis will attend a late-night cocktail and “Networking Event” in Miami, Florida. It is unknown if Judge McCafee, who presides over President Trump’s Fulton County trial, is attending Willis’s Miami party. Judge McCafee previously donated to Fani Willis’s campaign. It is also unknown if J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin, who told Loomer Unleashed we need “deprogramming” after we asked him about Fani Willis’ deleted communications with the J6 Committee, will be in attendance. As she left her D.C. fundraiser in November, Willis refused to answer Loomer’s unleashed questions about her coordination with the Biden White House regarding Trump’s arrest. Willis’ Miami fundraiser further proves that “getting Trump” is a national democrat effort.

Loomer wrote, “COMMUNIST DA FANI WILLIS IS COMING TO MIAMI, FLORIDA The crooked Fulton County DA Fani Willis will be in Miami, FL at “The Urban”, located at 1000 NW 2nd Street on Friday, April 26th for an event called “Cocktails and Conversation” from 8 pm to 11 pm. We all know how much Fani loves her @GreyGoose… she is sure to have lots of “drank” in her cup as she spews bullshit out of her Trump hating mouth. Be sure you show up early outside of the venue with your Trump flags and Trump signs to give her a big Florida welcome!!”

Willis hired her lover, Nathan Wade, and paid him taxpayer dollars to “get Trump.” Willis and Wade then took the money and used the funds to take lavish vacations together. During a hearing into this matter, Willis said, “don’t like wine. I like Grey Goose.”


Records from the State of Georgia show that on June 18th, 2020, Judge Scott McAfee donated to Fani Willis’ primary campaign to become Fulton County District Attorney. It is unknown if Judge McAfee is attending Willis’ Miami event. 

It is also unknown if Willis’ most prominent defender, Jamie Raskin, will attend. Loomer Unleashed asked Raskin, “Why did the J6 Committee delete their communications with Fani Willis?”

Raskin replied, “We didn’t, and you are a cult member.”

Following Raskin’s first snarky remark, we pointed out to him that his J6 Committee has received multiple letters from his colleagues stating the J6 Committee did delete their communications with Fani Willis.

Instead of answering the question, Raskin told us, “You need deprogramming.”

In November, as Willis was leaving her fundraiser at the WAPO building, Loomer Unleashed asked Willis, “DA Willis, why did you come to D.C. for a fundraiser? You are the Fulton County DA, not the D.C. DA. Are you coordinating with the Biden DOJ to arrest Trump? You clearly don’t want to answer the questions because you put the garage door down.” After it became apparent Willis was not going to answer Downs’ questions, Downs asked her, “You talk a lot on X and in court, but you don’t want to talk when you can’t control the narrative, do you?”

Fani Willis’ Miami party makes apparent that the Left’s “get Trump” scam is a national effort. 

Laura Loomer