Heading into November’s election, the Soros family is determined to keep the Democrats in power. George, Alex, and countless other Soros family members are donating heavily to Democrat United States Senate Candidates from the critical presidential election states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan. The presidential candidate who wins the most of these five states will likely win the election. The Soros family also gives heavily to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Montana Senator Jon Tester. The Senate races in these seven states will decide the control of the United States Senate. Control of the Senate is key for issues like appointing Supreme Court Justices. This is yet another example proving Democrats’ desperation to hold power.

FEC records show that Alex Soros and his family member Jonathan Soros have donated seven times to Arizona Senate candidate Ruben Gallego since 2023.

Alex Soros is heavily invested in Gallego. Soros recently posted on Instagram that he hosted a fundraiser for Gallego in New York City. Soros shared a picture of him and Gallego overlooking the New York City skyline, captioning the moment, “Kicking off campaign season with my co-host @lin_manuel for congressman @reprubengallego’s senate run in Arizona. Ruben has an impressive life story and the stakes of this year’s election couldn’t be higher, they’re existential.”

FEC records also show that George Soros and his family have donated to Wisconsin United States Senator Tammy Baldwin since 1998. Baldwin faces reelection in November.

Nevada Senator Jackie Rosen, also up for reelection in November, is a favorite of the Soros family. Since 2016, Rosen has received 22 donations from Soros family members.

Of course, the Soros family is committed to ensuring Pennsylvania United States Senator Bob Casey has all the resources he needs for his reelection fight in November. Casey has received 18 donations from members of the Soros family since 2017.

Then there is Elissa Slotkin, a Michigan congress member who is running for the open Michigan United States Senate seat. Soros has donated to Slotkin seven times since 2023. This makes sense, considering Slotkin supported efforts to remove President Trump from Michigan’s ballot, an effort that stalled after the United States Supreme Court ruled Colorado could not remove Trump from the ballot. CREW, the organization leading the charge to remove Trump from Colorado’s ballot, receives Soros donations.

Without Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan, the electoral college map sits at President Trump 251-Joe Biden 226, meaning these five states will decide the presidential election outcome.


The Soros family has also donated heavily to Montana Senator Jon Tester and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who are up for reelection in states that heavily support President Trump. Brown and Tester are attempting to sell a lie to Trump voters that they are “moderate” Democrats.

The Senate races of Ohio, Montana, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan will decide control of the United States Senate. This is key as United States Supreme Court Justices continue to age, meaning the party that controls the White House and U.S. Senate over the next four years will have a chance to make a lasting impact on the United States Supreme Court.

The Soros family dumping money into 2024 swing states shows just how far the Left is willing to go to hold onto power.

Charles Downs