Arizona United States Senate candidate Ruben Gallego is attempting to sell a lie to Arizona voters that he is a “moderate” and does not support the Democrats’ open border policies. Alex Soros, the son of George Soros and heir to the Soros empire, has been heavily donating to Gallego’s United States Senate campaign. Social media posts by Alex Soros show that he recently hosted a fundraiser for Gallego. It should come as no surprise that Gallego has embraced Soros and the Left’s open border policies by voting against the impeachment of Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Gallego also once posted on X that child trafficking on the border is a “conspiracy theory.” Gallego would be another Schumer yes-man if he were to be elected to the United States Senate.

FEC records show that Alex Soros and his family member Jonathan Soros have donated to Ruben Gallego for Arizona seven times since 2023.

Alex Soros is heavily invested in Gallego. Soros recently posted on Instagram that he hosted a fundraiser for Gallego in New York City. Soros shared a picture of him and Gallego overlooking the New York City skyline, captioning the moment, “Kicking off campaign season with my co-host @lin_manuel for congressman @reprubengallego’s senate run in Arizona. Ruben has an impressive life story and the stakes of this year’s election couldn’t be higher, they’re existential.”

It should be no surprise that Gallego has embraced Soros’s open border goals. Gallego, who is currently a member of Congress, voted against impeaching Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, with his statement, reading, “Today’s vote is yet another ‘talk loudly yet do nothing’ action from people who just want to politicize the border. Arizonans need solutions, not performative votes from the far-right. If you want to address the border crisis, the solution is simple: pass the bipartisan border bill. A meaningless House Resolution isn’t going to get the job done, and I won’t participate in the charade.”

How can Gallego claim that impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas is not a border solution when Mayorkas’ job is to secure America’s borders?

Gallego once claimed that child trafficking on the border is a “conspiracy theory.” On X, Gallego quoted a post highlighting why Hispanics were leaving the Democrat Party. One of the reasons listed was child sex trafficking. Gallego wrote in response to that reason, “If you grew up in Latin America you heard of child trafficking conspiracies. Crossing the border doesn’t get rid of the problem. Stopping deliberate spread of misinformation is what we need to focus on.”

Given his support of open borders, it should not be shocking that Gallego believes Biden is doing a great job leading America: “On Biden, I think he is doing a good job. Especially recently. I think Afghanistan could have been handled better, but I think his Ukraine policy has been great. Wish there was more urgency early on, though.”

Gallego’s belief in open borders proves he is the right Senator for Soros and Schumer but the wrong choice for the people of Arizona.

Charles Downs