More of Judge Merchan’s anti-Trump bias continues to be exposed. On Tuesday, Loomer broke that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, worked for Revolution Messaging, which managed Bernie Sanders’s text messaging during his 2016 campaign and coordinated with various anti-Trump resistance networks nationwide. Loomer’s exclusive reporting on Loren Merchan reveals she is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client” is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Loren Merchan’s X account, known as @LorenM426, featured a profile picture of President Trump behind bars in a jail cell. We also reported that Judge Merchan’s wife, Lara Merchan, was a paid employee of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office. AG James ran on a platform to”get Trump.” The Democrat Attorney’s General Association also paid Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company, Authentic Campaigns, for consulting work. Clearly, Judge Merchan is displeased he is being exposed as he placed a gag order on President Trump after Trump shared Loomer’s reporting. This shows how far the Left is willing to go to “get Trump” before November’s election. 

According to Revolution Messaging’s website, Loren Merchan was part of the company. It should come as no surprise Loren Merchan worked for Revolution Messaging as Mike Nellis was the former vice president of campaigns for Revolution Messaging. Mike Nellis also founded Authentic Campaigns. Loren Merchan is now the President and Partner of Authentic Campaigns. While at Revolution Messaging, Loren and her colleagues launched a program called the “Trump Wars”  in which she encouraged progressives to use “Revere calling to fight back in Trump’s America”. 

Following Loomer’s report, Authentic Campaigns, who have a professional relationship with both Loren Merchan and Mike Nellis began to scrub their team section of its website. 

Loomer posted on these developments, “Resistance Messaging also did work for Barack Hussein Obama as well as many other progressive Democrats. Loren Merchan’s father is overseeing President Trump’s trial in the Stormy Daniels case. Judge Merchan must recuse himself.”

Loomer previously reported that screenshots show Loren Merchan’s X account resharing a photo of her speaking at an Authentic Campaigns event, an organization she is part-owner of. A zoomed-in photo shows Merchan’s @LorenM426 handle flashing behind her on the podium. An X post from Authentic Campaigns on January 9th, 2020, stated that Authentic Campaigns was “excited to announce that Loren Merchan is being named partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns.” Loren Merchan’s X account, @LorenM426, shared this announcement.

Authentic Campaigns’ website lists the Biden-Harris campaign as its “Featured Client.” Other clients of Authentic Campaigns include Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Governor Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff and the Wisconsin Democratic Party. This raises a significant question: how is President Trump supposed to receive a fair trial when the judge presiding over his case has a daughter whose client is Trump’s main political rival?


Loomer also reported that a financial disclosure form from 2023 shows payments from the Democrat Attorney General’s Association to Authentic Campaigns, a company owned by Judge Merchan’s daughter Loren. These payments happened in October 2023, when President Trump’s civil trial was taking place in the case brought by NY AG Letitia James.

Judge Merchan placed a gag order on President Trump after he shared Loomer’s reporting. Trump wrote on TruthSocial,”I just was informed that another corrupt New York Judge, Juan Merchan, GAGGED me so that I can not talk about the corruption and conflicts taking place in his courtroom with respect to a case that everyone, including the D.A., felt should never have been brought. They can talk about me, but I can’t talk about them??? That sounds fair, doesn’t it? This Judge should be recused, and the case should be thrown out. There has  virtually never been a more conflicted judge than this one. ELECTION INTERFERENCE at its worst!”

Democrats are determined to rig the legal system to “get Trump.” There is no way President Trump can receive a fair trial with Judge Merchan presiding. 

Laura Loomer