Nicolle Wallace melted down live on MSNBC after Loomer presented more evidence that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, has an incredible anti-Trump bias that should force Merchan to recuse himself from Trump’s case. Loomer’s exclusive reporting on Judge Merchan’s daughter reveals she is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client” is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Loren Merchan’s X account, known as @LorenM426, featured a profile picture of President Trump behind bars in a jail cell. On Sunday, Loomer shared more posts from @LorenM426 showing her praising her dad, Judge Merchan, and criticizing Trump supporters. Loomer also revealed that @LorenM426 links to Kamala Harris’s Presidential campaign on the website “Democracy in Action.” This is all more proof that Democrats and the media will not allow President Trump to have a fair trial in New York City.

Nicolle Wallace angrily threw her papers in the air after having to report on Loomer’s findings on Judge Merchan’s daughter’s anti-Trump bias, saying, “Like, we’re not going to have this conversation again! I have come on the air with breaking news about requests for gag orders because of threats for judges and their kids more times than I could count today before I got ready… Donald Trump brazenly and repeatedly attacks not just judges. Judges don’t have Secret Service protecting them. What are we going to do differently, because Donald Trump sure as hell isn’t changing.”

Wallace’s job is to report the news. Interestingly, during her rant, she said, “What are we going to do differently?” This shows that Wallace views herself as a propagandist for the DNC and not an actual reporter.

Loomer provided even more evidence Sunday that @LorenM426 belongs to Judge Merchan’s daughter by posting a screenshot of @LorenM426’s post of a picture of her with her dad, Judge Merchan. Loren captioned the post, saying she is proud that her father is now a Judge in New York City.

Loomer also revealed Sunday, “Loren Merchan’s X account with a pic of Trump behind jail bars is the same X account linked to official staff page for Kamala Harris’s Presidential campaign on the website “Democracy in Action”. There is a direct hyperlink which takes you to the same account…As you can see from this screen recorded video, Loren Merchan is listed as the “Director of Digital Persuasion” for Kamala Harris’s Presidential campaign. Loren is the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan. Judge Merchan is a rabid hater of President Trump, and will be attempting to imprison President Trump, in order to remove his name from the 2024 ballot.”

Loomer’s most disturbing new revelation came when she revealed that Loren Merchan criticized the Covington kids, who were found to be innocent and even won a settlement. Clearly, Loren and her father have a thing for targeting innocent Trump supporters.

Loomer previously reported that screenshots show Loren Merchan’s X account resharing a photo of her speaking at an Authentic Campaigns event, an organization she is part-owner of. A zoomed-in photo shows Merchan’s @LorenM426 handle flashing behind her on the podium. An X post from Authentic Campaigns on January 9th, 2020, stated that Authentic Campaigns was “excited to announce that Loren Merchan is being named partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns.” Loren Merchan’s X account, @LorenM426, shared this announcement.

Authentic Campaigns’ website lists the Biden-Harris campaign as its “Featured Client.” Other clients of Authentic Campaigns include Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Governor Gavin Newsom, and the Wisconsin Democratic Party. This raises a significant question: how is President Trump supposed to receive a fair trial when the judge presiding over his case has a daughter whose client is Trump’s main political rival?


This proves the mainstream media and Democrats are out to “get Trump” by ensuring President Trump does not receive a fair trial in New York City.

Laura Loomer