Out of nowhere, with months to go before the presidential election, some so-called “right-wing influencers” have started sympathizing with the mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protests that are funded by Soros and mainly carried out by Antifa members. So why is the Left protesting the Left? Remember, in 2016, the Obama FBI and the Clinton campaign created a fake Russia hoax to bug Trump Tower and spy on President Trump. The Left would love to instigate another Trump-Russia hoax. This could be accomplished by Trump supporters attending pro-Hamas events. One photo of a Trump supporter standing with Pro-Hamas protesters before they shut down a highway or verbally assault a Democrat politician would give the Biden FBI and DOJ all they need to use the Patriot Act against the whole MAGA movement. The Biden DOJ has given the mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protesters free rein to do whatever they want in Washington D.C. Remember, Antifa was allowed to knowingly trespass and vandalize D.C. during the 2020 riots while Trump supporters were arrested for unknowingly trespassing on Capitol Grounds on J6. The “free Palestine” movement is a Deep State set up. Stay away!

George Soros, via his Open Society Foundation, has donated over $100 million dollars to pro-Iranian groups, who have used the funds to organize mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protests in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The Soros-funded, mostly peaceful pro-Hamas army has been allowed free rein in D.C., New York, and at other Democrat political events across the United States. Loomer Unleashed was on Capitol Hill in October as mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protesters stormed the halls of Congress. Loomer Unleashed Correspondent Charles Downs reported that he saw large amounts of ANTIFA members joining the pro-Hamas army.

Loomer Unleashed also took video of mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protesters parking their buses outside FBI headquarters. So it should come as no surprise that the Biden FBI did not kick down any of the protesters’ doors as they did with J6ers.

Considering these facts, it should not be surprising that these same protesters rarely get in trouble for interrupting Biden’s events.

Why, out of the blue, are some so-called “conservative influencers” supporting the mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protests? The answer to this question is quite dark. It is well known in political circles that one of the “conservative influencers” praising pro-Hamas protests only does things if they are paid. Soros’s money is likely following these “conservative influencers” propping up pro-Hamas protesters with hopes it will convince Trump supporters to join the pro-Hamas protests. If this happens, the Biden DOJ then has an excuse to use the Patriot Act against President Trump and his supporters.

Loomer commented on this on X, “Why are so many right wing accounts pushing blood libel online in an election year? Donald Trump is not pro-HAMAS. If you are pro- HAMAS, you’re not MAGA. Donald Trump’s grand children & his daughter are Jewish. Don’t you dare call yourself a Trump supporter if you hate Jews.”

The Deep State is looking to create a Russia 2.0. Do not be the letdown who attends a mostly peaceful pro-Hamas rally and gives the Biden DOJ their ultimate weapon to use against President Trump and his supporters.

Charles Downs