Anti-Trump mainstream media journalists Katie Phang of MSNBC, Dareh Gregorian from NBC, and Ed Krassenstein all worked to smear Loomer’s exclusive reporting on Judge Merchan’s daughter Loren Merchan, who is the Partner and Part-Owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client” is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Loren Merchan’s X account, known as @LorenM426, featured a profile picture of President Trump behind bars in a jail cell. Krassenstein, Phang, and Gregorian, who is also the husband of Maggie Haberman, all had meltdowns in attempts to discredit Loomer’s reporting despite there being a photo of Loren Merchan advertising her @LorenM426 X account while giving a speech at a conference. X postings from Authentic Campaigns confirm Merchan’s position with the company. Authentic Campaigns made their account private following Loomer’s report. As the mainstream media reported falsehoods to discredit Loomer’s reporting, President Trump posted on TruthSocial about Judge Merchan’s daughter’s bias compromising him. All of this proves how desperate Democrats and their mainstream media allies are to “get Trump.”

Screenshots show Loren Merchan’s X account resharing a photo of her speaking at an Authentic Campaigns event. A zoomed-in photo shows Merchan’s @LorenM426 handle flashing behind her on the podium. An X post from Authentic Campaigns on January 9th, 2020, stated that Authentic Campaigns was “excited to announce that Loren Merchan is being named partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns.” Loren Merchan’s X account, @LorenM426, shared this announcement.

Despite these apparent facts about Loren Merchan, Ed Krassenstein has made multiple videos attempting to discredit Loomer’s reporting. However, Krassenstein never provided any evidence to dispute Loomer’s claims. Krassenstein instead has gone on several unhinged X rants on this matter, replying “indeed” to a post falsely claiming Loomer was an Israeli intelligence agent.

Krassenstein eventually admitted, “I am not arguing that the judge’s daughter dislikes Trump. I’m just arguing that the account they are referring to very likely isn’t hers.” How can Krassenstein admit a bias against Trump without agreeing that the account belongs to Loren Merchan?

Ed Krassenstein’s ramblings should come as no surprise as Ed’s brother Brian once claimed that globalists pay them to “take over Trump’s Twitter feed” with false information about Trump and the MAGA movement.

Following Loomer’s report, Loren Merchan’s X account, @LorenM426, changed its profile picture from Trump in jail to Kamala Harris as a child and then to the gingerbread man. The account also changed its handle from @LorenM426 to @TomPaul357. The account was eventually deleted. These facts led Katie Phang of MSNBC to falsely claim that Loomer’s reporting on Loren Merchan’s X account was incorrect.

It should come as no surprise that Phang essentially provided crisis management for the Merchan family, as she runs a crisis management firm in Florida. Loomer asked Phang if she was doing crisis management for the DNC, referencing that the organization is actually run by the CCP. Loomer also pointed out that Phang did not leave the crisis management firm, as she falsely claimed that she had. Phang responded to Loomer, accusing Loomer of being “racist.”

Phang was the only one who made racist comments, attacking white women, saying Loomer’s reporting on Merchan’s daughter gives “single White female energy. Kind of creepy.”

Phang’s parent employer, NBC News, also attempted to discredit Loomer’s reporting by writing an article stating that Judge Merchan’s Court Officer says @lorenM426 does not belong to Judge Merchan’s daughter. The NBC article makes no factual claims that discredit Loomer’s reporting. It should come as no surprise that NBC’s article was written by Dareh Gregorian, the husband of New York Times writer Maggie Haberman.

As the mainstream media was reporting falsehoods to discredit Loomer’s reporting, President Trump posted on TruthSocial about Judge Merchan’s daughter’s bias compromising him, “Judge Juan Merchan is totally compromised, and should be removed from this TRUMP Non-Case immediately. His Daughter, Loren, is a Rabid Trump Hater, who has admitted to having conversations with her father about me, and yet he gagged me. She works for Crooked Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Adam “Shifty” Schiff, and other Radical Leftists who Campaign on “Getting Trump,” and fundraise off the “Biden Indictments” – including this Witch Hunt, which her father “presides” over, a TOTAL Conflict – and attacking Biden’s Political Opponent through the Courts. Former D.A. Cy Vance refused to bring this case, as did all Federal Agencies, including “Elections.””

The mainstream media’s desperation to cover up Judge Merchan’s bias proves how desperate Democrats and their allies are to “get Trump.”

Laura Loomer