It starts at the top. Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation has embraced DEI practices by creating the DOT Equity Council and the Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity. Biden and Buttigieg’s DOT has also promised to center equity as the department’s goal. Companies in the travel and transportation industry have taken note of Biden and Buttigieg’s DEI demands, as Norfolk Southern, which was involved in the East Palestine disaster, Boeing, and Synergy Marine Group, which managed the boat that smashed into the Key Bridge, have all embraced race-based hirings. Biden and Buttigieg’s quest to implement DEI into every aspect of American lives creates an unforeseen danger that could soon result in another catastrophic disaster.

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation website reads, “For the first time, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has centered Equity as a Department-wide strategic goal via its FY 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. This is a critical step to institutionalizing equity across the Department’s policies and programs.”

One of the ways Biden and Buttigieg implemented DEI practices is via the DOT Equity Task Force. The Biden Administration described the task force, “In response to Executive Order 13985, DOT formed a temporary Equity Task Force to help produce the Department’s first-ever Equity Action Plan and DOT-wide equity strategic goal. The DOT Equity Council (Council), which was established through DOT Order 1000.17, builds on the foundation laid by the DOT Equity Task Force to further institutionalize equity across the Department’s policies and programs.”

Biden and Buttigieg also created the Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity, whose press release reads, “Equity is a top priority for the Biden-Harris Administration, which is reflected in the Department’s strategic priorities. The objective of the reestablished Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation on comprehensive, interdisciplinary issues related to transportation equity from a variety of stakeholders involved in transportation planning, design, research, policy, and advocacy in pursuit of the Department’s equity goals.”

Companies in the travel and transportation industry have taken notice of Biden and Buttigieg’s DEI demands. Norfolk Southern, whose train and railroad were involved in the East Palestine, Ohio disaster, has a DEI commitment on its website that reads, “We are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion because our people and communities are at the heart of what we do—and because a diverse, inclusive workplace culture is critical to our success.”

Boeing, whose 737 Max had an emergency door recently rip off mid-flight, also values DEI, writing on their website, “Boeing continues to progress on our commitments as we advance representation and inclusion across our company. We know diversity must be at the table for every important decision our company makes — every challenge we face, every innovation we design. Equity, diversity and inclusion are core values because they make Boeing — and each of us individually — better.”

Synergy Marine Group, the Singapore-based company managing the ship that destroyed Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, practices DEI hiring. According to Synergy Marine Group’s website, “Issues related to diversity are a high priority at Synergy…We will continue to attract, hire, and retain a diverse workforce because that is a key source of good ideas, and talented applicants will be drawn to work with us. But hiring for diversity alone is not enough. We want to ensure that our employees can bring their full selves to work – that they can belong in the fullest sense to the community inside the organization.”

Synergy Marine Group’s statement on DEI concludes with, “Although diversity can be created through deliberate hiring practices, inclusion may not automatically follow. We want our entire workforce to appreciate and show sensitivity to the cultural, and any other, differences that exist in our teams, as well as among the people we interact with in our daily business. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels they belong.”

Travel and transportation companies following Biden and Buttigieg’s orders to implement DEI into every aspect of American life are putting the lives of American people at risk. President Trump is right. November is the most important election in America’s history.