HIAS President Mark Hetfield has been caught lying to the New York Times. In a hit piece about Loomer’s trip to the Darién Gap, Hetfield told the NYT that the organization does not “encourage migration.” On Tuesday, Loomer shared a video made by HIAS Panama Director Roberto Mera in which he admits that HIAS is assisting illegal migrants who are trying to continue their journey to the United States. Loomer’s Darién Gap footage also proves HIAS is encouraging migration. HIAS President Mark Hetfield previously praised Joe Biden for appointing Alejandro Mayorkas as Department of Homeland Security Secretary. This is more proof that those breaking the United States immigration laws cannot be trusted on any level.

Video footage taken by HIAS Panama Director Roberto Mera shows his admission that HIAS is assisting illegal immigrants traveling through Darién Gap on their way to the United States. In the video, Mera brags about HIAS helping the thousands of boats filled with Haitians, Venezuelans, and Africans bound to enter the United States illegally via the migrant camp of Bajo Chiquito.

Loomer’s Darién Gap footage shows HIAS encouraging illegal immigration into the United States by providing illegal immigrants bound for the United States with maps, supplies, and transportation. Loomer captioned the footage, “While I was recording this video, there were thousands of invaders walking around inside the camp, waiting to be processed upon arriving from their jungle trek in the Darien Gap. I encountered invaders inside this camp from all over the world, including Afghanistan, Angola, Iran and Morocco. There is so much irony in the fact that a JEWISH NGO (HIAS) is helping Muslims from terror tier countries and other places in Africa and the Middle East get to the United States illegally.”

Despite clear video evidence showing otherwise, HIAS President Mark Hetfield told the New York Times in their hit piece about Loomer’s Darién Gap trip, “We certainly don’t encourage migration.” Hetfield went on to explain to the NYT that those who accused HIAS of helping illegal immigrants are engaged in a “white supremacy” conspiracy theory.

It should come as no surprise that Herfield lied to the NYT as Hetfield praised Biden for appointing serial liar Alejandro Mayorkas as Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Mayorkas has consistently lied to Americans by falsely claiming America’s borders are secure.

When Biden nominated Mayorkas, HIAS released a statement that read, “We at HIAS have been so blessed to have Ali Mayorkas on our board of directors, and are thrilled to have him nominated to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security,’ said HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield.”

HIAS also came out against Mayorkas’s impeachment, accusing the House GOP of “abuse of its impeachment powers in the absence of high crimes and misdemeanors.” The statement continued on to call on the United States Senate to “reject this impeachment in its trial of Secretary Mayorkas.”

Hetfield’s lies prove that those who are dishonest about America’s open borders cannot be trusted for anything else.

Laura Loomer