President Trump announced on TruthSocial Sunday night that he wants a MAGA Republican to primary Laurel Lee in Florida’s 15th Congressional District. Lee endorsed DeSantis over Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. Loomer Unleashed reported that during her time as Florida’s Secretary of State, Lee spoke at the Florida Supervisors of Elections conference with former CISA Director Chris Krebs and Dominion representatives. Lee has proven herself to be disloyal to the America First Movement.

President Trump wrote, “Any great MAGA Republicans looking to run against Laurel Lee in Florida’s 15th Congressional District? IF SO, PLEASE STEP FORWARD!”

DeSantis supporters  Congressmen Chip Roy and Thomas Massie became enraged over Trump’s calls to primary Lee posting, “This is unhelpful and unwarranted. @RepLaurelLee is a conservative thoughtful member of the judiciary committee. She endorsed DeSantis for President but then endorsed Trump when DeSantis got out of the race. More of my colleagues should call out these ridiculous bullying tactics.” Predictably, Roy’s and Massie’s statements failed to address Lee’s shortcomings.

Lee endorsed DeSantis over Trump, writing, “As Ron DeSantis’s Secretary of State, I had the honor of witnessing firsthand his unparalleled leadership under pressure, his character, and his commitment to core conservative principles. His leadership and his vision made Florida a shining beacon of freedom. Ron De-Santis fights for what matters, and he wins when it matters most. Our country is in crisis, and it is time Americans learn what Floridians already know: Ron DeSantis’s conservative principles, proven track record, and his commitment to our country are exactly what we need in a leader. It was my honor to serve in his administration and it is my honor today to endorse him for President of the United States.”

Loomer Unleashed previously reported that during her time as Secretary of State, Laurel Lee spoke at the Florida Supervisors of Elections conference with former CISA Director Chris Krebs and Dominion representatives. Troubling items of discussion on their agenda included “Social Media” and a pilot for “Online Voting” which they attempted to implement in five Florida counties. Even more concerning was that Dominion sponsored the conference. 

Loomer posted about Trump’s calls to primary Lee, “A lot of people have told me I should run again. I received over 22 phone calls from Republican officials today telling me to run against Laurel Lee. As people know, @RepLaurelLee’s district isn’t too far away from where I ran for Congress, and I raised $3 million when I ran for Congress. President Trump likes me. That always helps, right? What do all of you think?”

Loomer also wrote, “.@RepLaurelLee has 4.8k followers on X. I already have the oppo file on her. Trump wants her gone. Should I run for Congress, or should I remain an outsider? Laurel Lee is a vulnerable Republican and I have Name ID and major fundraising prowess in FL. What do you think?”


Laurel Lee has proven time and again that she is no friend of President Trump and MAGA. Hopefully, someone steps up to the plate and primaries the RINO from Florida’s 15th Congressional District.

Laura Loomer