South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace joined Loomer Unleashed Thursday for a heartfelt interview on open borders, Mace’s lawsuit against George Stephanopoulos, the $1 trillion-plus spending bill, and the importance of getting President Trump reelected this November. Mace has proven herself a top MAGA ally in Congress, while ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has backstabbed Trump at every turn, pours money into Mace’s GOP primary opponent. Click here to watch the whole interview on Loomer’s Rumble page.

Mace spoke about how she is honored that President Trump has endorsed her for reelection. She then went into detail about how the constituents in her purple district who did not vote for Trump in 2020 are contacting her and saying they now plan to vote for Trump in 2024. On this topic, Mace said, “It is important we keep bringing people back home.”

Nancy Mace believes Trump is gaining new voters in her district because “We have had three years of Biden. We can compare the two. We were safer. We did not have endless war. Everything was better under Donald Trump.”

Mace believes that the border is the number one issue in her district. She then told the tragic story of Maddie Hines, a young South Carolina child who was killed by an illegal immigrant who was deported under President Trump and returned to the United States during Biden’s reign. Mace also spoke about how fentanyl is becoming a significant issue in her district, bringing up that she personally knows two people who have died from the drug in the last year.

Mace said that the open border is one of the key reasons she voted no on Congress’ latest $1 trillion spending bill, saying, “millions of taxpayer dollars are going to NGOs to process the invasion.” Mace continued, “The number one issue in my district is the border; we have a friendly crisis. Last year, I personally knew two people who died of an overdose.” Mace was one of the few members of Congress who voted against the uniparty spending bill on Friday.

Mace also spoke about her experience with George Stephanopoulos. Loomer captioned this clip, “@GStephanopoulos should be ASHAMED of himself for telling bold faced LIES about President @realDonaldTrump on national TV and for causing INSANE Leftists to send RAPE and DEATH threats to Rep. @NancyMace and female members of her family! I hope President Trump takes all you have AND MORE in court You are FAKE NEWS! Disgraceful!”

Mace’s outspokenness and willingness to take a stand have put her on former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s list. McCarthy, a known MAGA backstabber, is determined to defeat people like Nancy Mace. During the interview, Mace said that McCarthy is backing her GOP primary opponent. Loomer then promised that Mace’s opponent would be Loomered soon. Mace also said that she believes McCarthy is behind many recent retirements in the House GOP, which is shrinking its majority.

Mace has proven herself to be a top MAGA ally in Congress. She will be a powerful voice heading into November’s election.

Charles Downs