Florida Congressman Cory Mills joined Loomer Unleashed on Tuesday, speaking about his latest rescue efforts to evacuate people from Haiti. Mills has previously rescued Americans stranded in Israel and Afghanistan. It is essential to note that Mills believes his rescue operations would not have taken place if Trump were still President of the United States, as there would have been no need because the world was at peace under Trump’s leadership. Mills and Loomer also spoke on Trump’s popularity in Florida and the threats facing America. Click here to watch the full interview on Loomer’s Rumble page.

Mills said he has rescued 23 people from Haiti, 255 from Israel, and three dozen from Afghanistan. Mills explained that he funds all these missions independently and has built a team to accomplish them from his experience serving overseas. Mills made a strong point, noting that Biden’s pattern of abuse has forced him to carry out these dangerous missions that put many people’s lives in danger.

Mills accurately blamed the Biden administration’s policies for putting Mills in a position to carry out the rescues. Millis pointed out that “Biden gave Iran $10 billion” before Hamas’ October 7th attack against Israel. Mills said, “I have never seen such a corrupt and horrible president in my entire life… Trump had Iran by the throat, then Biden gave them the income to launch attacks.”

Loomer asked Cory Mills about the high risk of terrorist attacks, given the perfect storm of Ramadan, open borders, and the pro-Hamas, mostly peaceful protests in America. Mills agreed with Loomer on her assessment that these factors put America at a high risk of a terrorist attack. Mills also noted, “70 percent of Biden’s airlifts from Afghanistan were not vetted.” Mills stated that he believes Islamic terrorists could be looking to strike subway systems in major American cities.

Loomer and Mills also spoke about Florida. Mills was ecstatic about President Trump’s massive victory in the Florida GOP Primary. Mills said that he did not believe it was right that Ron DeSantis decided to run against Trump in the GOP presidential primary, given that Trump’s endorsement of DeSantis put DeSantis into his current position as governor.

While staying on the topic of DeSantis, Mills revealed that DeSantis has yet to speak directly to him about the Haitian immigrant crisis happening in Florida. It is incredibly eye-opening that Florida’s Governor has yet to talk to the state’s congress members about this major security issue the Sunshine State faces. Ron DeSantis has been relatively quiet about the massive amount of Haitians that have washed ashore since the start of Haiti’s de facto civil war. Mills also pointed out that there has been a mass influx of Haitians illegally arriving in the United States since Joe Biden took office.

Unlike most in Congress, Mills puts his money where his mouth is and actually delivers results for the people he serves. Florida should be honored to have him as a representative.


Charles Downs