Loomer Unleashed exclusively obtained an email from House GOP Wip Tom Emmer that was sent to all Republican Members, chiefs of staff, and schedulers stating that House GOP leadership recommends a “yes” vote on the $1.2 trillion spending bill that is 1,012 pages long. Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden support the spending bill, which leadership will bring to the floor on Friday for a vote. It is easy to see why the Uniparty backs this latest trillion-dollar spending bill as it fails to accomplish critical tasks such as closing America’s borders and defunding Jack Smith. This spending bill is another example proving Washington D.C.’s dysfunction.

Emmer’s email highlighted different subjects within the 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill. Missing from the “Homeland Security” section are the keywords “close America’s borders.” However, the massive bill does increase ICE detention beds from 34,000 to nearly 42,000″ to ensure illegal immigrants coming to America are comfortable during their stay. Most GOP voters would prefer for the illegals to be deported back to their own countries instead of being held in America. The critical phrase ” empowering border patrol agents to deport illegal immigrants” is also missing from the spending bill’s language.

Missing in the “Financial Services and General Services” section of Emmer’s email on the spending bill is the vital phrase “defund Jack Smith.” This is despite Speaker Johnson personally acknowledging that “65% of Americans have a negative view of the Biden Department of Justice” due to their political witch hunts against President Trump and his supporters. It is pathetic that the House GOP can’t defund Biden’s political witch hunts when a majority of American voters support it.

Despite the spending bill fulfilling all of Biden’s and the Democrat’s wishes, House GOP leadership still considers the bill a win, writing to its members, “These bills reflect House Republicans’ efforts to shrink the bureaucracy and cut wasteful spending while maintaining a strong national defense. Amidst crises abroad and Biden-inflicted catastrophes at our borders, this package contains critical resources to ensure that the U.S. military, servicemembers, and border patrol officers are fully equipped to defend our nation. With this legislation, House Republicans also continue to chip away at funding for Biden’s supercharged IRS.”

Emmer’s email ends, “Leadership recommends a YES vote. NOTE: This notice is being sent to all Republican Members, Chiefs, and Schedulers. A more detailed notice has been sent to all legislative staff. TOM EMMER MAJORITY WHIP David Planning Office of the Majority Whip.”

Loomer shared the emails on X and captioned it, “I have just obtained internal emails from @GOPMajorityWhip Tom Emmer and the Whip office that were sent out today to members of @HouseGOP telling them to VOTE YES in support of the Omnibus bill. The bill is 1,012 pages with a price tag of $1.2 TRILLION dollars. The vote on this bill to bankrupt America is TOMORROW MORNING.More fiscal irresponsibility from @HouseGOP. They hate you.”

This bill is another example proving that the Uniparty controlling D.C. could care less about the American people’s needs and wants. Washington, D.C., is truly broken.

Laura Loomer