An exclusive video taken during General Milley’s Afghanistan hearing on Tuesday shows Democrat Code Pink’s mostly peaceful protesters vandalizing the Halls of Congress by throwing paint on the walls. At the same time, the U.S. Capitol Police do little to stop it. Code Pink once supported Ilhan Omar’s efforts to stop the Trump administration’s “unprecedented use of brutal sanctions is killing innocent civilians from Iran to Venezuela to North Korea.” Ilhan Omar recently acted unhinged towards Loomer Unleashed, calling us “disgusting” for pointing out her hypocrisy of calling supporters of President Trump “extremists.” Code Pink’s allowed insurrection is the latest example of the unbalanced legal system in Joe Biden’s America.

Video shows Code Pink’s mostly peaceful protesters throwing pink paint in the halls of Congress as attendees made their way into Tuesday’s Afghanistan hearing. It is important to note that many Gold Star families attended Tuesday’s hearing. Loomer captioned the video, “pro-HAMAS protesters with @codepink has an insurrection inside the US Capitol outside of Mark Milley’s testimony at the Congressional hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Rules for thee, not for me! Just another example of the Two tiered justice system. Meanwhile, J6ers continue to rot away in prison.”

Code Pink once praised Ilhan Omar’s bill that would have limited President Trump’s ability to bring peace, writing, “Her bill on sanctions is so critical right now, when the Trump administration’s unprecedented use of brutal sanctions are killing innocent civilians from Iran to Venezuela to North Korea.”

The statement continued, “We [Code Pink] stood by her [Omar] when she was viciously smeared by Trump.” This refers to Trump’s justified criticism of Omar for attempting to limit his peace-making powers.

Loomer Unleashed recently asked Omar, “Congresswoman, how can you call Trump supporters extremists when you have literally repeated Hamas rhetoric?”

Omar responded, “You are disgusting. Go away.”

Loomer Unleashed: “How am I disgusting? It’s a truthful question, Congresswoman. You call Americans extremists, yet you repeat pro-Hamas propaganda.”

Omar: “That is not true. You aren’t truthful. You are disgusting.”

Loomer Unleashed: “It is true. Your colleagues say so.”

Omar: “That is not true. You and the colleagues are disgusting.”

Loomer Unleashed: “So your congressional colleagues are lying?”

Omar: “Yes.”

218 of Omar’s congressional colleagues voted “yes” on a resolution to remove her from the Committee on Foreign Affairs due to her remarks referring to 9/11 as “some people did something.” Other past Omar statements included in the resolution are “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” and “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.” According to Omar, these 218 members of Congress are also “disgusting.”

Despite her pro-Hamas rhetoric, Omar still believes Trump supporters are the “threats” to America. Omar once described Trump supporters: “It’s like watching cult followers. He [Trump] tells them America is “rotten” and they just cheer with their popcorn and drinks. It’s really scary, God help us.”

In Joe Biden’s America, Democrats are allowed free reign in Washington D.C. while President Trump and his supporters are subjected to witch hunt after witch hunt.

Charles Downs