Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, who lives in West Palm Beach, is about to have his driver’s license canceled, suspended, revoked, disqualified, or withdrawn by the state of Florida due to his failure to pay a traffic ticket. Loomer exclusively obtained Frank Biden’s license number. We can confirm that Biden was notified that his license would be revoked or suspended by April 2nd, 2024, if he didn’t pay his traffic ticket. The same records also show that Frank Biden has a long history of traffic violations, such as driving with a suspended license. Before moving to Florida, Frank Biden had a disturbing driving record in California. A judge ruled that Frank Biden was partially legally responsible for a 1999 car crash that killed Michael Albano, ruling that Biden must pay the Albano family $1 million. Frank Biden has not paid the family one cent. The state of Florida has forced Frank Biden to attend traffic school three times in his adult life. Frank Biden is just the latest example proving basic laws in the United States of America do not apply to the Biden Family.

Documents from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show that, as of March 17th, Frank Biden’s refusal to pay a traffic ticket will result in the state “canceling, suspending, disqualifying, or withdrawing” his license if he does not pay his ticket by April 2nd, 2024.

The same documents also state that Frank Biden is “eligible for Driving School Education. You [Frank Biden] last elected to attend school on May 12, 2014. You have elected to attend school 3 time(s) in your lifetime.”

Florida authorities ticketed Frank Biden for driving with a suspended license in 2020. However, documents state that Biden last attended traffic school on May 12, 2014. So, what were Biden’s other three traffic violations that forced him to attend traffic school?

According to the state of Florida, traffic school is mandatory if a driver “is cited for causing a crash that required someone to be transported to the hospital, crashes twice within 24 months that resulted in over $500 in property damage, runs a red light, hits a school bus, or is ticketed for street racing.” Did Frank Biden have to attend Florida driving school because of his California accident that killed Michael Albano? Frank Biden has a history of accident problems resulting from reckless driving. If Frank Biden’s last name was Frank Smith. Would Frank Biden still have a Florida driver’s license?

Loomer captioned the Frank Biden documents, “Why is @JoeBiden’s brother not paying his traffic ticket in Donald Trump’s home town of West Palm Beach, FL? Does he think he’s above the law? This seems to be a pattern of thinking in the Biden crime family. Receipts!”

Frank Biden is not the only Biden sibling who believes the rules do not apply to them. Jim Biden, Biden’s other brother, ran scared after Loomer Unleashed questioned him about his brother Joe’s mental capacity and his nephew Hunter’s crack use as he entered his closed-door GOP House Oversight testimony last month. In House GOP investigations, Frank and Jim Biden have been credibly accused of helping Hunter Biden in his influencing pedaling scheme centered around Joe Biden.

Frank Biden is just the latest example proving that the Left’s corruption of America’s rule of law means even the most basic laws and norms do not apply to anyone with the last name of Biden.

Laura Loomer