Loomer reported on Monday that she received high praise at a Florida Starbucks for wearing her “Trump did nothing wrong shirt.” Customers at this location are likely from Marion, Sumter, or Lake counties. 2020 Florida election results show Trump’s massive wins in Marion, Sumter, and Lake counties were vital to his victory in the Sunshine State. Polling shows Trump leading Biden by double digits in Florida. Loomer’s experience is another example that proves polling is correct.

Loomer stated she received many supportive compliments when she arrived at a Florida Starbucks wearing her “Trump did nothing wrong shirt.” Loomer reported that these compliments came from people of all different age ranges. National polls show that Trump has taken a commanding lead against Biden due to his increased popularity among different voting demographics, such as voters under 35 years old.

The customers at the Starbucks Loomer visited would have most likely been from Marion, Sumter, and Lake Counties. Trump won all three of these counties by huge margins, giving him almost half a million total votes. Trump received more than 5 million total votes in Florida on his way to winning the state by 3.5 points, one of the largest wins in Florida’s general election presidential history. Loomer’s Starbucks experience shows this area of Florida is ready to play a crucial part in delivering another Trump victory in Florida. This seems to be following the national pattern of areas that went big for Trump in 2020 are providing him an even more significant victory in 2024.

After her report, many asked Loomer where they could get their own “Donald Trump did nothing wrong” shirt. Loomer answered these wonderings, “You can order your very own DONALD TRUMP DID NOTHING WRONG t-shirt that I designed here: President Trump told me he loved my shirt when we took this picture. I wear it every time I go grocery shopping. It’s a good conversation starter in public.”

Loomer also revealed on Monday that she voted for President Trump in the primary and encouraged others to do the same, posting, “Please don’t forget to vote in the Florida Republican Presidential primary. In Florida, our presidential primary (March) is earlier than our congressional primary (August). If you are registered Republican in Florida, you can vote all week for Donald Trump at early voting locations until March 16th, or you can vote for him the day of the primary, March 19th! We don’t have open primary elections in Florida, which means you must be registered Republican to vote in the GOP primary. You can vote for whoever you want in the General election though? regardless of your party affiliation. It’s very important that people show up to vote even though @RonDeSantis and @NikkiHaley have dropped out. We still need a strong turnout.”

It is vital for Trump supporters to continue publically showing their support. You can accomplish this by voting in your state’s upcoming GOP primary and wearing your Trump gear in public. Simple but impactful steps like these make it harder for the Left to cheat in November’s election.

Charles Downs