Exclusive video taken from the Darién Gap, the land that connects North and South America, shows an illegal immigrant bound for America telling Loomer that he plans to illegally vote for Joe Biden in November’s election. Other footage from Loomer’s Darien Gap trip shows tons of illegal immigrants chanting “We love Biden” while criticizing President Trump. It should come as no surprise that Congress builds walls for itself but not America’s borders as the Uniparty currently controlling Washington D.C. is likely relying on illegal immigrants to vote in November’s election.

Loomer’s video caption perfectly describes Democrats’ newest election interference scam, “The illegal alien (his name is Lenny) also told me he was told to take out cash to bribe the Mexican police and that the Mexican police will let him cross over to the US if he pays them $15. Imagine how much money Mexican police are making if some of them are charging each illegal alien $15 to cross over to the US without issues from the police in Mexico. This is a massive human trafficking and smuggling operation, and many law enforcement officers are active participants.”

Other videos taken by Loomer in the Darién Gap show Venezuelans bound to illegally enter the United States of America making hearts with their hands and saying that they loved Joe Biden because of his open border policies. They also said they hated President Trump. The reasoning behind their Trump hate was obvious, as Donald J Trump is the only obstacle standing in the way of a life of living off the American taxpayers.

In another Darién Gap video, Venezuelans who are planning to enter the United States of America illegally were yelling, “No, Trump es un puta. Biden now appoyan.” Meaning, “Trump is a bitch, Biden supports us.”

Loomer announced she will be releasing a documentary on her visit to the Darien Gap, “I will be debuting the trailer for my NEW documentary from my time in Darién Gap, Panama and ANNOUNCING its title as well as revealing the never-before-seen poster. This documentary will perhaps be one of the most controversial pieces of work in my career. The title alone is sure to ruffle some feathers and TRIGGER many on the left AND the right. However, this is a story that NEEDS to be told, and it centers around the most pressing issue of our lifetime.”

This is as the United States Congress constructed a massive black wall stretching miles around the United States Capitol Complex in under eight hours. The wall was built ahead of Biden’s State of the Union speech. Ironically, if Congress’ wall were a few feet higher, covered in barbwire, and cemented into the ground, it would serve as a great border wall on America’s borders. The globalist Uniparty currently running D.C. will build walls for themselves but not the American people because they are banking on illegal immigrants to vote Democrat in November.

Democrats are determined to hold onto power and do not care who they endanger or what laws they break to remain in charge.

Charles Downs