Donors to Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Asa Hutchinson will be throwing Nikki Haley a fundraiser on Thursday in McLean, Virginia, an elite town that sits on the banks of the Potomac River and is less than 3 miles from Washington, D.C. Haley will also be having a Thursday campaign event in Falls Church Virginia, a town located less than 8 miles from D.C. that overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden. On Friday, Haley will have an event in Washington, D.C. The Uniparty is financially backing Haley despite her historic GOP Primary losses to President Trump. Loomer Unleashed reported that Haley spent much of February attending fundraisers hosted for her by Democrat mega-donors in the cities of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Like McConnell, Haley has many Uniparty donors but no actual support from the American people.

Haley will attend a Thursday fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, which voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden. The average household income in McLean is $242,610. McLean’s household income is high because of the large amount of leftist U.S. government contractors and NGO employees that live in the town.

Haley’s McLean fundraiser host Antonia Ferrier has been a heavy donor to Mitch McConnell, giving to both of Mitch McConnell’s leadership committees. It is important to note that McConnel uses his leadership committee funds to remain in power as GOP Senate Leader.

Lee Dunn, another Haley McLean fundraiser host, donated to Mitch McConnell and John Thune, who has always stood by McConnell’s side and is McConnell’s rumored hand-picked successor to be the next GOP Senate Leader. Dunn’s other recent donations include giving to Peter Meijer, one of the only GOP members of Congress who voted to impeach President Trump. Meijer is also a Liz Cheney ally. It should come as no surprise that Dunn has an obsession with giving to Never-Trump candidates, as FEC records show that Dunn is an attorney for Google.

Haley McLean fundraiser hosts Andrew Maner and Ashley Davis donated to Never-Trumpers Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie. Maner also donated to Jeb Bush’s failed campaign in 2016.

Nikki Haley will also have a Thursday Falls Church, Virginia, event. Falls Church is another elite suburb of Washington D.C. Fairfax, the county where Falls Church is located, went for Joe Biden by a margin of 69%-28%.

On Friday, Haley will be having an event in Washington, D.C., a place that went for Biden by a margin of 92%-5% in 2020. It’s safe to assume that very few, if any, Republican voters will be attending Haley’s D.C. and Falls Church events. Instead, Haley’s D.C. area events will be filled with freaked-out Democrats who are dreading President Trump’s likely return to power.

Loomer Unleashed has reported in depth about Haley’s February fundraising tour hosted by Democrat mega-donors in the cities of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

It’s no mystery why McConnell’s donors are gravitating toward Nikki Haley as Haley, like McConnell, despises President Trump’s America First policies. This makes it easy for Haley and McConnell to raise money from globalist donors. However, Haley and McConnell’s embrace of globalism means the American people will never support them.

Charles Downs