Get ready for more fireworks on Capitol Hill as Hunter Biden will give a deposition to the House GOP Oversight Committee on Wednesday. This is as questions on Hunter’s drug use and Joe’s mental competency increasingly swirl around the Biden family. Last week, as he was walking into his deposition, Loomer Unleashed asked Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, if he believed his brother was mentally capable of being President of the United States. We also asked James Biden if Hunter smoked crack in the White House. Joe Biden’s brother refused to answer either of these questions. The Biden family appears to be heading towards more embarrassment.

Hunter Biden will give a closed deposition to the House GOP Oversight Committee on Wednesday morning. The last time Hunter was scheduled to appear before the committee, he decided to give a press conference and skip his open. It is safe to assume that anything could happen on Wednesday morning.

Last Wednesday, when Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, was walking into his House GOP Oversight Committee deposition, Loomer Unleashed asked if he believes “his brother had the mental capacity to be President of the United States?” and “Did Hunter smoke crack in the White House?” Jim Biden refused to answer both questions.

Our crack question went viral, and more importantly, it reminded people of Joe Biden’s hypocrisy on the issue. Biden has long advocated for jailing drug dealers while, at the same time, his son was living with crack dealers.

During his CPAC speech on Saturday, President Trump’s massive crowd cheered with approval after he asked, “What happened with the cocaine in the White House?”

President Trump has long been advocating for uncovering what really happened with the cocaine in the White House. On July 5th, Trump posted on TruthSocial: “Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden. But watch, the Fake News Media will soon start saying that the amount found was “very small,” & it wasn’t really COCAINE, but rather common ground up Aspirin, & the story will vanish. Has Deranged Jack Smith, the crazy, Trump hating Special Prosecutor, been seen in the area of the COCAINE? He looks like a crackhead to me!”

Our renewed questing of Hunter’s drug habits seems to have struck a nerve with the Biden family as Axios published an exclusive on Monday all about Hunter Biden’s commitment to stay sober in an effort to save democracy from Donald Trump.

Loomer posted on this development, “Nobody cares about the crack head son of @JoeBiden and his fake sobriety. I guess the morons over at @axios have forgotten all about the cocaine that was found in the White House. So snorting coke makes you sober? Hunter is a stole cold addict. He should focus on not ODing.”

Hunter Biden’s Wednesday trip to D.C. could go a million different ways. Whatever happens, Loomer Unleashed will have the story covered.

Charles Downs