Another week leads to more victories for President Trump in the courtroom. Trump scored another massive win in Fulton County, Georgia, on Tuesday as Terrence Bradley, the divorce attorney for Fani Wills’ lover Nathan Wade, again took the stand in a hearing into whether Fulton County DA Fani Willis should be disqualified from Trump’s case due to her appointment of Wade as special prosecutor. Bradley said “dang” after realizing that his texts proved that Wade and Willis were in a relationship before she appointed him as special prosecutor in the Trump case. These texts should be enough proof for Judge Scott McAfee to remove Willis from the case. Another shocking development happened in Tuesday’s hearing when Bradley gave vague answers to the questions of whether Willis and Wade were having sex in the Fulton County evidence room. Willis’ Fulton County DA office was exposed as the corrupt and gross place it truly is.

Trump’s defense attorney asked Terrence Bradley about his text exchange with Ashleigh Merchant that read:

Merchant: “Do you think it [the affair between Fani Willis and Nathan Wade] started before she hired him [Fani Willis hiring Wade as special prosecutor in the Trump case]?”

Wade: “Absolutely.”

After being asked about the texts, Bradley looked down at the paper copy of his messages. His face froze after realizing all the evidence was legit, and Bradley mumbled, “Dang.”

Bradley’s text exchange proves Willis and Wade were in a relationship before Willis appointed Wade as special prosecutor in the Trump case. This should be enough evidence for Judge McAfee to remove Willis and her lover from the case. Willis and Wade have cashed out on taxpayers during their Trump prosecution as Wade billed the Biden White House numerous times for his services. Willis and Wade would then take the money and use it for lavish vacations.

Willis and Wade appeared to have brought their affair into the workplace. A Trump attorney asked Bradley, “Mr. Wade told you they had sex at that office [the Fulton County Evendance Room]?”

Bradley responded with, “I don’t recall.” Bradley was then pressed by the Trump attorney, who asked, “So you don’t recall, so it’s possible he did say that?” Bradley’s face froze after this question was asked.

Letters from the GOP House Oversight Committee to Fani Willis and the J6 Committee reveal that Willis and the committee deleted their communications. One of the reasons behind their deletion of files was to hide proof of the left coordinating the arrest of Trump. Might another reason be because the J6 Commitee was aware of Fani Willis’ affair with Nathan Wade? This would be an excellent question for us to ask J6 Committee member Jamie Raskin, who previously called for Loomer Unleashed to be deprogrammed after we asked him about the delayed communications.

Fani Willis’ corruption and unprofessionalism were put on display for the world to see. Each day, more of the lawlessness in Fulton County is being exposed. If the United States justice system is still balanced, Judge McAfee will remove Willis from the Trump case.