There is a RINO alert in Nevada as U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown’s biggest donors include globalist Koch organization money and individuals who have donated to Mitch McConnell, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Bill Cassidy, and John Thune. Cassidy was one of the few Republican Senators who voted guilty during President Trump’s impeachment trial. Thune is rumored to be Mitch McConnell’s handpicked successor to become the next Senate GOP leader. This as revelations have come to light that Brown’s wife previously had an abortion. Brown is not an America First Republican, as he claims.

FEC records show Steven A. Webster is one of the biggest donors to Sam Brown for Nevada, giving $13,000 in December of 2023. Webster’s other 2023 donations include gifts to Nikki Haley’s Stand for America PAC and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who voted to convict President Trump during Trump’s second impeachment trial. Cassidy has also called on Trump to drop out of the presidential race. It is rumored that John Thune is Mitch McConnell’s handpicked successor to take over as Senate GOP leader after McConnell leaves. Thune has also refused to endorse President Trump.

Gregory Ciongoli, another top donor to Sam Brown for Nevada, has been a frequent Mitch McConnell donor since 2013.

Then there is Sam Brown mega-donor Thomas McInerney, who gave John Bolton over $250,000 in 2023. Bolton has recently falsely called Trump unhinged and stated with no evidence that Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi believe Trump is “stupid.” Bolton was also one of the architects of George Bush’s Iraq forever war. It is interesting how Brown claims his candidacy is about helping veterans when, at the same time, Brown is taking money from people who donate mass amounts of money to John Bolton. Sam Brown mega-donor McInerney also donated to failed GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis one month before the Iowa Caucus.

It should come as no surprise that Americans for Prosperity Action, the super PAC that was supporting Nikki Haley, has now come to the aid of Sam Brown after their Haley experiment failed. Charles Koch primarily funds Americans for Prosperity. President Trump has been highly critical of the Koch organization due to its embracement of globalist policies. It seems a Sam Brown donor event would be a who-is-who of Nikki Haley’s donors’ convention.

“Does this guy running for Senate in Nevada on the GOP ticket actually think people should vote for him because his face was burned off and his wife killed her baby? ‘My wife killed her baby when she slept with someone else on base! Vote for me!’ What a weird flex. This is pretty disqualifying. Beware Nevada. I suppose he thinks he is immune from criticism because his face was blown off. The same type of entitlement that Eye Patch McCain has. @DrJeffGunter is the America First candidate.”

Nevada will play a key role in deciding control of the United States Senate. It is essential for Nevada to commit to an America First candidate. Nevada voters must steer clear of Sam Brown.

Laura Loomer