Loomer’s past comments on Uber and Lyft’s unsafe hiring practices were proven true as news broke that Laken Riley’s Venezuelan illegal immigrant murderer, Jose Antonio, was employed by Uber Eats. Antonio somehow gained Uber employment despite not being legally in the United States. Following a 2017 ISIS terrorist attack in New York City, Loomer criticized Lyft and Uber for hiring unsavory individuals from foreign countries who did not speak English. She was banned from both apps following the criticism. Loomer’s Darién Gap reporting has been sounding the alarm on thousands of more Venezuelans, some in gangs, who plan to enter the United States illegally. Loomer’s reporting also shows The NGO HIAS has been assisting illegal immigrants as they make their way through the Darién Gap. Lyft and Uber are corporate sponsors of HIAS.

After learning that Uber Eats employed illegal immigrant murderer, Jose Antonio, Loomer posted, “I was right. @uber
wants to let people get killed and raped instead of doing background checks on their ISIS and illegal alien drivers. I wrote about this extensively in my book. Turns out the illegal alien who murdered Georgia nursing student Laken Riley drove for @DoorDash and @UberEats. I was the only person who had the balls to call this out 7 years ago. Nearly every Republican in media I knew disavowed me for my comments even though they were always true. Too bad people didn’t listen. How many more innocent women will need to die?”

Loomer’s reporting from the Darién Gap shows thousands of Venezuelans making their way through the Central American jungles on their way to enter the United States of America illegally. In a recent video, Loomer showed a Venezuelan gang member with tattoos associated with the Tren de Aragua gang, one of the most dangerous cartels in South America. This individual informed her that he planned on entering the United States illegally.

Another Darién Gap video shows the NGO HIAS helping illegal immigrants bound for the United States navigate the jungle. Loomer captioned the video, “A Venezuelan invader in the Bajo Chiquito migrant camp in Darien Gap told my camera man that he would be lost without the map provided by Jewish NGO @HIASrefugees HIAS, which has a map and instructions for invaders and illegals that guides them on how to get from Panama to the United States. HIAS needs to be shut down, and all of their executives need to be charged with helping facilitate the invasion. This is criminal.”

Interestingly, Uber and Lyft are HIAS’ corporate sponsors. Loomer called for a boycott of HIAS’ sponsors due to the organization’s helpfulness to the lawlessness on America’s southern border.

Loomer’s reporting has also highlighted that many of the Venezuelans who are planning to enter the United States illegally support Joe Biden because of his open border policies. The same Venezeuleans do not support Trump. President Trump accurately blamed Biden and his open borders for Riley’s murder.

Loomer’s warnings have exposed all the companies, organizations, and individuals who are creating Biden’s border crisis, which is resulting in death and destruction for too many Americans.

Charles Downs