Exclusive video taken from the Darién Gap, the land connecting North and South America, shows Venezuelan illegal immigrants bound for the United States showing love for Joe Biden and hate for President Trump. The illegals were bathing in a disease-filled river just outside the Lajas Blancas migrant camp when they made their pro-Biden remarks. Disease and other medical emergencies are common at this camp as individuals are cramped in unsanitary conditions, allowing for disease to spread quickly. This is as the United States East Coast suffers from massive stomach bug cases, potentially caused by the influx of illegal immigrants being shipped to major East Coast cities.

As the Venezuelan illegal immigrants bathed and drank disease-filled Darién Gap river water, I asked them what they thought of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The Venezuelans made a heart with their hands and said they loved Joe Biden because of his open border policies. They also said they hated President Trump. The reasoning behind their Trump hate was obvious, as Trump is the only obstacle standing in their way from a life of living off the American taxpayers.

I was also there to document a boat of 30 Venezuelans and Colombians arriving at the Lajas Blancas migrant camp. The boat looked like an extended canoe with a small motor. Most Venezuelans and Colombians who got off the boat were young males in their 20-30s. United Nations workers helped the individuals off the boat and provided them with directions to the camp. No one on the boat looked like an asylum seeker. All the individuals on the boat said that illegally entering the United States was their final destination. I was informed that 100’s of boats a day that are similar to what I witnessed pull up to the shores of the Lajas Blancas migrant camp.

Unsurprisingly, disease runs rampant at the Lajas Blancas migrant camp as illegals bound for the USA bathe and drink dirty Darién Gap river water. Stomach disease seemed like a common issue in the camp. I witnessed a woman being carried around the camp on a stretcher by individuals in United Nations-issued backpacks. They claim the woman was suffering from diabetes and dehydration. If this is true, America’s taxpayers will soon be splitting the bill for her insulin. It is unknown how many people have died from disease in the Darién Gap jungle.

This is as a stomach bug is rapidly spreading across the United States East Coast. Thousands of illegal immigrants have been bused to New York, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, and other East Coast cities. So why is a stomach virus spreading so rapidly? Illegal immigration looks to be one of the only logical answers, as stomach issues were prevalent in the Darién Gap.

Foreign disease is a consequence of Joe Biden’s open borders. The illegal immigrants bringing diseases to the United States fear President Trump’s return to power. It is pretty evident that only one man can solve the crisis at the border, and his name is Donald J. Trump.

Laura Loomer