James Biden ran scared after Loomer Unleashed questioned him about his brother Joe’s mental capacity and his nephew Hunter’s crack use as he entered his closed-door GOP House Oversight testimony. Over the summer, cocaine was found at the White House. Many, including President Trump, believe it belonged to Joe or Hunter Biden. Joe Biden’s mental capacity has come under fire recently after Special Prosecutor Hur declined to charge Biden with crimes related to his mishap with classified documents because Biden was too mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Loomer Unleashed asked Biden, “Mr. Biden is your brother mentally competent to be President of the United States? Did Hunter smoke crack in the White House?” Biden refused to answer the questions as he made his way into his closed-door testimony with the House GOP Oversight Committee.

Loomer Unleashed’s crack question made its rounds in the media, including being played live on Fox News. Loomer commented on these developments, “Loomer Unleashed is everywhere. I am determined to build a citizen journalist media empire. We will have all politicians on the run.”

Special Prosecutor Hur declined to charge Biden for his mishandling of classified documents because of Biden’s mental capacity. Hur noted that Biden could not remember when his son died. The key part of Hurt’s report reads, “Many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt. It would be difficult to convince a jury that they should convict him[Joe Biden]-by then a former president well into his eighties-of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness. We conclude the evidence is not sufficient to convict.” It’s alarming that Biden is too mentally incompetent to be charged with crimes yet can continue to serve as the President of the United States.

Over the 4th of July holiday, many believed they witnessed Hunter Biden openly snorting cocaine on the White House balcony. Shortly after, it was announced that cocaine was found at the White House.

Many, including President Trump, believe the cocaine belongs to Joe or Hunter. On July 5th, Trump posted on TruthSocial “Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden. But watch, the Fake News Media will soon start saying that the amount found was “very small,” & it wasn’t really COCAINE, but rather common ground up Aspirin, & the story will vanish. Has Deranged Jack Smith, the crazy, Trump hating Special Prosecutor, been seen in the area of the COCAINE? He looks like a crackhead to me!”


Hunter Biden will appear before the House GOP Oversight Committee on February 28th. This is happening as Hunter refused to testify earlier this year. The House GOP Oversight Committee posted on X, “We look forward to Hunter Biden’s testimony.”

Unlike the Trumps, the Biden family has received pass after pass because of their last name. 2024 is the American people’s chance to balance the scales of justice.