An exclusive video taken from the Darién Gap, the piece of land connecting North and South America, shows a migrant bus transporting illegal immigrants from Africa who are bound for the United States. The bus driver became increasingly nervous after I asked him who was paying for the bus. The driver’s supervisor eventually forced me off the bus. The bus will make its way to Nicaragua, Honduras, and then to Mexico, where they enter the US via California or Texas. On Tuesday, I exposed that the Jewish NGO HIAS is helping set up camps in the Darién Gap. These camps are complete with maps showing bus routes similar to the bus that I boarded. This video is a firsthand look into Biden’s border disaster.

The bus stopped in front of the San Vicente Migrant camp in the Darien Gap to drop someone off. While the door was open, I hopped on the bus and started filming. I spoke to the driver in Spanish and asked him who the owner was, where he was going, and why he was transporting migrants in the middle of the night.

The driver refused to tell me who the owner of the bus was, but he confirmed the passengers were all migrants on their way to Costa Rica. All of the migrants in Darien Gap must pay $60 to get on a bus to Costa Rica, which is part of the route to enter the United States via the Mexican border.

The exchange became a little contentious as the driver did not want me to film and called his supervisor to ask him how he should handle my entering his bus. I was then asked to leave the bus. If allowed, I would have ridden the bus all the way to Costa Rica to expose this horrific human smuggling process further.

The illegal immigrants on the bus, who were en route to the United States, were literally fresh off the boat as migrants in the Darien arrived at the camps on boat. Several of the Africans on the bus were wearing tribal outfits. From Costa Rica, the Africans then go to Nicaragua, Honduras, and then to Mexico, where they enter the US via California or Texas.

I shared my video with a caption that read, “This is how the invasion is taking place. Don’t listen to the media when they tell you that it’s a conspiracy theory to say that migrants are being bussed around the world in the middle of the night. This is human trafficking caught on camera.”

Tuesday, I exposed a map created by the Jewish NGO HIAS, showing all the bus routes in Central America in an effort to help the illegal immigrants heading to the United States reach the Mexican-American border in a more timely manner. It is likely an NGO like HIAS is paying for the bus in question.

This is not a conspiracy theory. Joe Biden’s open borders are leading to illegal immigrants being bussed around in the Central American jungles. Biden’s policies have created a dangerous national security threat that only President Trump can solve.

Laura Loomer