An exclusive video taken from a migrant facility called Puerto Limon, located in the Darién Gap, which connects North and South America, shows the area is littered with Chinese Communist Party-backed stores that offer supplies and internet services via Elon Musk’s Starlink. The Starlink service is vital, as the jungles of the Darién Gap make cell service impossible, meaning Starlink and paper maps are the only way for Chinese nationals to make their way through the Darién Gap on their way to enter the United States of America illegally. QR codes for Alibaba Pay and WeChatPay, CCP-backed payment processing services, are hung around the store so the Chinese invaders can pay for their supplies. The CCP heavily monitors its citizens’ cell usage. Thousands of Chinese a day would not be illegally entering the USA if the CCP did not want this to be the case.

The only service available outside the CCP-backed convenience store located in the middle of the Darién Gap jungle was Elon Musk’s Starlink.

Starlink service is made possible by a satellite built on top of the store. The Darién Gap is a third-world country, meaning that the CCP or a CCP-backed entity had to build the satellite in the first place. It’s also important to highlight that paper maps and Starlink are the only ways to navigate the Darién Gap, as cell service is unavailable in the region.

After posting my findings, I asked Elon Musk on X, “Can you please address what I have exposed? Chinese communist invaders using @Starlink to use AliBaba pay in the jungle of Panama to organize their invasion of America and make financial transactions.”

As the CCP invaders arrive at their Darién Gap convenience store, they are greeted by a sign written in Chinese informing them that wifi and supplies are located in the store.

The CCP-backed store is stocked with Chinese food and other supplies. Considering the area around the Darién Gap is a third-world country, the CCP or CCP-backed entities have to be the source supplying the store with goods.

The Chinese invaders pay for their supplies at the Darién Gap convenience store by scanning QR codes to open the CCP-backed payment processing apps Alibaba Pay and WeChatPay. The CCP is known for its intense cell phone surveillance of its citizens. If the CCP did not want its citizens illegally entering America, CCP-backed convenience stores in the Darién Gap would not exist.

I shared the video of my findings with a caption that read, “These Chinese invaders are roughly 80% military aged men. To show you how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is helping to facilitate the invasion of America, ask yourself, why is there a Chinese store in the middle of the Panamá jungle? ”

The CCP is taking advantage of Biden’s open borders by marching thousands of its citizens a day through the Darién Gap so they can eventually illegally enter the United States. One has to question what the CCP’s end game is. One thing is for sure. President Trump is the only one who can fix Biden’s national security disaster.

Laura Loomer