Many thought Nikki Haley’s Tuesday afternoon announcement would be her stating that she is dropping out of the race. Sadly, this is not the case for the millions of Americans hoping Haley will disappear from public life. Haley instead stated Tuesday that she will stay in the race beyond South Carolina. Polling shows Haley is on the path to losing her home state by wide margins. Most politicians are finished once they lose their home state, but Haley has spent her time between New Hampshire and Saturday’s South Carolina Primary raising money from 45 Democrat mega-donors while attending fundraisers in the liberal cities of New York, LA, and San Francisco.

Haley used Democrat talking points during her Tuesday speech to weaponize the Left’s election interference against Trump, saying, “He [Trump] spends more time in the courtroom than on the campaign trail.”

It should come as no surprise that Haley used Democrat election interference talking points as Stand for America, a Super PAC supporting Haley, has taken a quarter million dollar donation from Reid Hoffman. Documents from President Trump’s legal team show Hoffman’s American Future Republic has been paying the legal bills for E.Jean Carroll. Interestingly, Haley was one of the first ones to issue a statement criticizing President Trump following the unfair verdict he received in the E.Jean Carroll civil trial.

Haley holds Reid Hoffman’s cash and opinions in high regard. The former governor of South Carolina ran scared after Loomer Unleashed asked her, “Governor, will you call on your Stand for America PAC to return Reid Hoffman’s donation in light of the Epstein documents?”

Haley’s Tuesday afternoon speech featured many more lies as she informed her small crowd that the reason she is staying in the race is not about helping Biden in the general election. Haley then used fake polling, stating that she does better against Biden than Trump to justify her lie. In reality, polling shows President Trump is the only GOP candidate beating Biden.

FEC records also prove that Haley is remaining in the race to help Biden and hurt Trump. Since the New Hampshire Primary, which President Trump won by a lot, Haley has been on a fundraising sprint, raising money from  44 plus Democrat mega donors. These far-left donors would not be giving to Haley unless her sole purpose was to attempt to weaken Trump before the general.

Prior to her disastrous speech, the Trump campaign released a memo that read, “Nikki Haley’s campaign ends Saturday, February 24th, fittingly, in her home state, rejected by those who know her the best.” The memo highlighted President Trump’s historic wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. Also mentioned is the spot-on prediction that “President Trump will win the Republican nomination one week earlier, on March 12, with 1,223 Delegates. Which is all to say, before March Madness tips off next month.”

Nikki Haley can raise as much money from as many Biden donors as she wants to between now and March 12th. The reality remains that President Trump will clinch the GOP nomination by mid-March. That means in less than a month, Nikki Haley will be totally irrelevant. This fact will make millions of Americans who cannot stand the former South Carolina governor extremely happy.