An exclusive video taken at one of the many refugee camps along the Darién Gap shows a group of men aged 24 to 25 from Somalia who intend to enter the United States illegally. The Darién Gap is located in Panama and connects North America with South America, making it a key location in the illegal immigrant smuggling route into the United States. These Somalis informed me that they support Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection because he makes it easier for illegal immigration. One of the Somalis named Ayub went on to say that after he illegally entered the USA, he wanted to run for Congress just like fellow Somali Ilhan Omar. The group of men also say that they do not care that the American taxpayer is paying for their illegal immigration crime. In an incredibly chilling moment, Ayub’s face lit up in a creepy smirk when asked about Sharia Law. This video is further proof President Trump’s assessment of the border is correct.

I asked Ayub, “What do you think of Joe Biden?”

Ayub responded, saying, “I support Joe Biden because he has made it easier for refugees to come to America.”

I then asked, “Why did you make this trip?”

Ayub said, “Because Joe Biden said the borders are open.”

I followed up asking Ayub, “Who do you want to see win the 2024 election?”

Ayub replied, “Biden, of course, because he makes it easier for refugees to come to America.”

Ayub explained that he arrived at the Darién Gap from Somalia by flying to Turkey and then Brazil. After he arrived in Brazil, Ayub said he walked and rode buses up to the Darién Gap. Ayub stated that his trip cost $15,000, but he refused to state who he paid this money to. Ayub said his end destination is illegally crossing into Texas.

Ayub did not care that he was committing a crime or that American taxpayers were paying for his decision, saying, “I am getting a better life. I feel good [American taxpayers are paying for my better life].”

I then asked Ayub if he knew who Ilhan Omar was. Ayub became quite excited after I asked him this question, stating that he has family in Minneapolis and he knows who she is. Ayub continued, stating that after he illegally enters the USA he wants to be in Congress “just like Omar.” Omar cheated U.S. taxpayers and immigration law by reportedly marrying her brother to obtain a U.S. greencard.

In a chilling exchange, I asked Ayub about Sharia Law. Ayub’s face eerily lit up in response to the Sharia question. It became even more concerning after Ayub refused to answer our questions on the subject.

President Trump has raised concern that Biden’s open border policies would result in Islamic extremists entering the United States. Ayub’s chilling reply to my Sharia question is just further proof that President Trump is right about the United States’ Southern Border.


I have witnessed firsthand that the United States’s Southern Border is a national security disaster that could explode at any moment, causing massive death, fear, and panic in the United States of America. Stay tuned for continued coverage of my experiences in the Darién Gap.

Laura Loomer